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Short Vesrion

This is a cosmological fiction novel. It refers to the rather unusual story of an oxygen based  planet, like earth. The story goes billions of years back in the past , and till thousand of years in the future, relative to the life of protagonist.
The story seems allegorical to our earthly experiences , and the battle of the principles and values of good and bad, light and  darkness, progressiveness and regressiveness, it is a battle that we recognize and we have suspense for the outcomes.  The awakened reader will discover much more truth than fantasy in this novel. The value and pleasure of reading  such a novel is not only in the new insights of physical reality that it suggests, but also in the moral and social issues that it  touches, and the resolutions that it offers. In spite the dramatic battles and controversies the over all message of this novels is optimistic and positive for our present and future evolution on earth.

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A cycle of 16 spiritual poems  


"The story of the rather unusual planet Roida" 


The world is made not only from the visible stars and the triad of invisible protons-neutrons-electrons and  of our periodic atomic system, but also from many layers of finer invisible atoms of many different periodic atomic systems of finer and finer such triads . Each one layer corresponding to a frequency (and size of atoms) relevant to the spin of the  elementary particles of the triads. We say in short that the world is made from 10 frequencies or micro-resolutions realities and an unknown number of  frequencies macro-resolution realities. The world of all stars and galaxies that light can reach is only one cosmic-sphere (cosmic-manifold) but there are many more such cosmic-spheres that light cannot reach. Most civilizations believe that there are at least 2 frequencies macro-resolution realities.
The reality of the protons , neutrons electrons is the 1st micro-resolution reality an the stars and planets, the 1st macro-resolution reality.
The beings in micro-resolutions are materialized consciousness, the beings in macro-resolutions are consciousized matter.  
The visible world of stars and planets, is a self-rotating and shifting torus, of expanding and contracting sides, with periodic expansion and contraction in the paths of the galaxies. It gives the impression of a big-bang, creation but it is simply a periodic expanding (and entropy increasing) and contracting (and entropy decreasing) vortex motion.
The planets and stars by their evolution and history of gradual cooling are hollow, and their external shell is about 1/3 of their radius.
Of course, there are many higher micro-resolution celestial bodies, that are not visible from the 1st micro-resolution (1st frequency) physical reality. 

Table 1: Material reality of at least 2 layers-frequencies or micro-resolutions.

(the average frequency of the  spin)

(proton, neutron, electron) and of course for anti-matter anti-triad

Yes. Known


Solid objects, liquids, gases

Yes Known Biology
(the average frequency of the  spin)

 Aetheronions or Aetherons ( 10^36 times smaller that those of 1stfrequency)
(aetheronions are called called micro-proton, micro-neutron, micro-electron) and of course for anti-matter anti-triad

Yes. Unknown to the science of Roida

Light, but there is aether sound too.

Electromagnetic , Gravitational fields

Yes Unknown to the science of Roida e.g. Human aetheric body.

For more terminology see APPENDIX


Billion of years ago, the Founders (a primary advanced group of existences) chose a number of planets and by lowering the frequencies of already existing life in higher frequencies (created there by spiritual creators at higher frequency), made appear the  4 types of biospheres, that 
of 1) Hydrogen, 
of 2) Ammonia, 
of 3) Methane and 
of 4) Oxygen, in the 1st micro-resolution reality. 

They simply lowered the frequency from higher frequencies existing biospheres created by higher frequency spiritual creators and launched life inside 3rd density. Life is created much easier in higher micro-resolution (frequencies) realities, because there, spirit and matter lose more and more the difference as the frequency is stepped higher and higher. They also created the gates of the highways for instant traveling. Then they gradually shifted to higher frequencies  (or higher resolutions) of realities. Biospheres of other types exist also in the higher frequency or finer micro-resolution realities. 
Subsequent lower evolution civilizations gradually learned to travel , through the gates and the highways from solar system to solar system and galaxy to galaxy  and transplant biospheres or modify genetically plants and animals. They do these things  but they cannot create new types of biospheres and although by now have discovered how to create gates of instant travelling ,  they cannot create highways of instant travelling .  Life created in this way in the 1st micro-resolution reality goes on evolving more or less in the Darwinian way. Humans in higher micro-resolution reality have natural abilities of miracles. The higher the micro-resolution reality the closer the creative spirit with the physical body. A human individual in the 3rd micro-resolution reality as well as all other living creatures in such planets do not feed anymore on the life or flesh of other living creatures (animals or plants) , but take all their energy from their sun. Sex in 3rd micro-resolution reality does not require physical contact and it can be done with exchange o energies. A human individual living at the 4th micro-resolution reality , has also the ability to materialize at will in our visible 1st micro-resolution reality and then disappear and go back again. One famous  religion of ancient people of Roida, mentioned as the 12 Olympic Gods/Goddesses was the outcome of visiting on Roida, about 8-9 thousand years B.L. of a civilization from the constellation of Cassiopeia,  which is living in the 4th frequency micro-resolution reality. 


In the 8 galaxies around the planet, of the story, the civilizations have clustered, mainly, in two alliances. The Draconian Alliance, of the reptoids , mainly in the constellations of Dragon, Hydra, Orion, Sirius B, and the Human Alliance (known also as Adomedian Alliance)  in numerous of constellations like Pleiades, Antares, Procyon, Sirius A, etc. The reptoids are not mammal humanoids are monstrous in sight, and give birth to eggs. The Reptoids of Dragon are gigantic 10 meters tall, and is the oldest civilization that still insist to remain in the 1st micro-resolution reality for almost 4,5 billion years. The reptoids use nuclear power. The reptoids have not evolved in any of the 4-types of living planetary biopsheres of the galaxies. The reptoids were created by ancient small size mammal  humanoids  who were called the Mastris (meaning the very skillful) , with genetic engineering , inside the visible physical reality, by combining the genetic codes of other reptoid animals and their own mammal humanoid DNA. This was at a time very early in the appearance of life in the visible physical reality , life that was brought by the "Founders" by lowering  the frequency of pre-existent life in higher invisible frequencies realities. The myths say that the Mastris had the  intention to create new cast of soldiers and hard workers in difficult and cold planets, with a lot of H2S. Initially they were just  only  temporarily alive hybrids for various practical reasons (genetic chimeras), but soon developed in to special type of artificially created by  genetically engineering humanoids of gigantic size draconian reptoids.   Their creators of reptoids , the Mastris were not only good in genetic engineering but also good in magic and miracle creativity , so as to persuade souls to inhabit them. Their creators , the Mastris continued their evolution in higher frequencies physical realities. But their creation, the draconians, did not. The creation of draconian reptoids  got out of control. This is how the gigantic reptilians were created. In comparison the mammal humanoids  were created in higher micro-resolution (frequencies)  realities before they appeared and evolved in the visible 1st micro-resolution reality. The way that the gigantic reptilians humanoid were created (by genetic engineering in the current visible reality) explains why they are obsessed with manipulating genetically the primitive mammal humanoids, and why they seem to hate so much the mammal humanoids (that probably reminds them of their creators). Then after billions of years the gigantic reptilians of the constellation of Dragon, created the small size reptilians of the constellation of Orion, by their own genetic engineering. During the time of evolution of the reptilians, in the 1st micro-resolution reality, their mammal humanoid creators , and many other mammal humanoid sub-races of them, already evolved fast and migrated in to higher invisible micro-resolution (frequency) realities  The Draconian Alliance (as smaller reptilians from Orion) is about 2-3 thousands years more advanced than the civilization of Roida and also telepathic. The Draconians live only in the visisble 1st micro-resolution reality. But their subordinate civilizations in the Draconian Alliance mat go up to the 3rd frequency micro-resolution reality (5th density reality see appendix). 
This an interesting remark: It is remarkable that the subordinate civilizations of the Draconian Alliance may go up to the 5th density reality, but still are subordinates and kind of  possessed by the power of the Draconians at the lower frequency visible physical reality (3rd density reality). And this is a characteristic of all the "religions" that the Draconians try to create to  their candidate enslaved  civilizations: That their metaphysics and religions are of a "KRONIAN" type (Kronos was the Ancient Greek God that was eating his children and was annihilated by the god Zeus), in other words a mighty god eating his own children , a morality type based on the duality PREDATOR-PREY, and in such a way that the lower frequency reality dominates the higher frequency reality. Individuals are send there only as type of punishment as they are defeated and lose the ability to live in the bottom physical reality (that of the Draconians). As a contrast in the metaphysics of the Andromeda alliance, the goal of all of life and consciousness of the visible physical reality is to migrate to higher frequency physical realities, and when it is done by an individual, it is a victory of consciousness and spirit, not a defeat, and a promotion to a better fate of existence.  

The Draconian Alliance is a bottom-up structure of power and flow of influence , where a lower frequency reality civilization dominates even higher frequency reality civilizations in their Alliance. The Andromedan Alliance is the most powerful and largest number group of civilizations in the 8 galaxies around Roida. It involves more than 300 civilizations, faster evolving than the Draconian Alliance. The Civilizations of the Andromedan Alliance, go up to the 9th frequency reality (or 11th density reality see appendix). The Andromeda Alliance is not Bottom-up only. The civilizations of higher frequency are respected and expected to give guidance and solutions , and not be dominated from civilizations of lower frequency reality. So it might be said that it is a top-down flow of influence.  It is not as old as the Draconian Alliance simply, because their ancestors already evolved faster, than the Draconians in higher micro-resolution realities. And this will happen with many of the civilizations of the Andromedan Alliance, leaving always a group of seemingly younger civilizations in the visible 1st frequency reality, compared to the Draconian Alliance. But as an animal monster of the jungle seems locally stronger than a human being, so the Draconian Alliance with their cunning rather than intelligent, destructive and sadistic methods , seems stronger than each of the civilizations of the Andromedan Alliance. 


The humans (homo-sapiens) mainly come from a civilization in the constellation of Lyra, that flourished there for 50 million years, and had come from another galaxy. The civilization of Lyra does not exist anymore.  The human civilizations have more than 300 color hues and different races, among the different constellations. 
A standard advanced human civilization like that of the planet Ble is about 3-4 thousand years more advanced than the civilization of Roida, and 1-2 thousand years more advanced than the civilizations of the Draconian Alliance. Most of them exist in the 1st micro-resolution reality, less in the 2nd micro-resolution reality and even less in the 3rd and 4th micro-resolution reality (Thus a normal human civilization spreads in to 4 frequencies realities) . Time in the 1st micro-resolution reality in such a civilization, is counted by "years", where 1 year is the average time that takes, for a human 1st micro-resolution reality body, to substitute all its body-cells. For humans of Roida it is about 7 rotations of their planet around their sun, while for Ble it is about 34 rotations of Roida.
The metaphysics of the civilizations of the Andromeda alliance , are not religions, but the accept the mortality of the soul and spirit of humans and animals, are based on equality within connectivity, and value the soul , spirit, but also the higher frequency physical realities life as superior forms of existence. Nevertheless they do not depend on "leader" higher existences , they do not lose their self-responsibility, but only resort to  their own spirit and soul as united with the collective realm of souls. 
The human alliance and the Draconian Alliance were in war for more than 500 thousands years, and this war has brought great destruction to the 1/3 of the galaxies. The war ended some thousand years ago, with no winner. 
But it seems that the war had much earlier history. The draconian civilization is stalled in 3rd density in this galaxy  for about 4,5 billion years. This of course by now has created genetic degeneration in them, and their numbers is smaller and smaller. 
The power or political system of the Draconians is that of the Kingdom (it is governed by a Queen) with genetic aristocracy. Genetic aristocracy means that each time a citizen is promoted in the hierarchical ranks of aristocracy, it is subjected to genetic engineering, and is added to him, a tail, or wings, or other bodily features that make him (her)  stronger in battle. The kingdom of Draconians does not use money inside it, but they do use money, in commerce among different civilizations. They are carnivorous, and in the wars with humans, they like to eat as meat, the dead humans in the battles. The political systems of human civilizations like that of Ble, is a kind of direct democracy or socialism, but the words understate it, as such civilizations are of telepathic individuals and a term like "holographic   telepathically distributed to each individual, political power or will"  would be more appropriate.


When a primitive civilization in the 1st micro-resolution reality, of a living planetary biosphere is in the verge of suspecting the existence of other civilizations in the galaxy, the human alliance visit it, if it will be chosen, and it helps it to raise the frequency of their bodies, and be able to communicate with them. (The frequency being that of the average spin frequency of protons, neutrons electrons of their 1st micro-resolution reality body, and it is affected mainly by the quality of the consciousness ). When they are able to communicate, they exchange values, principles etc, and if agreed, the emerging new civilizations joins the human alliance. This is called Lift-up of the civilization. Otherwise it is left alone. The time of lift-up of Roida is the 0 in chronological references in the novel. 
Roida was chosen for Lift-up by the Human Alliance together with about 20 other emerging civilizations in the 8 galaxies around Roida. There were 70 emerging civilizations, but only 20 were chosen as more probable to share common values and principles with the Andromedan Alliance. Allen and Alteh are close friends in the civilization of the planet Ble, and have decided to join the Lift-up of Roida. As Alteh is old in age, he asks from the council of wise immortals of Ble, that his soul be born as a human being of the planet Roida about the time of Lift-up of Roida. (Wise immortals in Ble are called individuals that normally have high evolved consciousness that would allow them to migrate to the part of the civilization in higher micro-resolution reality, but for some reasons choose to stay longer in the lower micro-resolution physical body.) And so it happens. Alteh is born in 60 B.L. (=Before Lift-up, and A.L.=After Lift-up)  as  a human being in the civilization of Roida, under the name Ho, who is one of the protagonists of the novel. 

5.1) The civilization of Ble

The civilization in the Planet Ble, lives both in the outer and inner biosphere of their planet. In the 1st micro-resolution reality, they live at about 2 thousand years, while in 2nd,3rd,and 4th more.
The planetary civilization in Ble, does not use money, neither nuclear power, neither pharmaceuticals in medicine, neither eat animals flesh, and they are  mainly fruits and seeds eaters. The healing in medicine is through right frequencies of light , color, and sound. The energy model they use is mainly that of renewable clean aether-heat or free-energy, which is solar energy by the infrared radiation stored in the gravitational field and extracted by the electromagnetic field. It is a smart energy model. As a contrast the Draconian Alliance is using nuclear power which is more war oriented, more destructive and not so smart. The communication in the civilizations is entirely telepathic, and they use an intuitive , 3-dimensional -graphical , inner-visual , voiceless, telepathic language. They have abandoned since millenniums the hierarchical system of flow of the will in administration. 
Because of the collective telepathy, the abstract minds are in close coordination, in union and therefore the souls too. The flow of the will is holographic. In other words the flow of the global will in the society, at each time moment, which includes planetary decisions, is automatically represented in the abstract minds of the individuals who are aware immediately what happens, and participate in it. 
The humans of the civilization of Ble, but also of many other such civilizations of the Andromeda Alliance are highly spiritual , with times of deep introversion but there are no religions in their civilization. The do not have  religions (at least separate from their society as a whole), initiated either from solar existences of their sun or black hole existences. The civilization of Ble, but also  many other such civilizations of the Andromeda Alliance, do not exist only to the same 1st micro-resolution reality. Instead they have parts in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th micro-resolution realities on different corresponding planets of their solar system. And humans of lower micro-resolution reality are in telepathic constant communication with humans of higher micro-resolution reality in the same civilization. 


The solar system of Roida, has 10 planets, The largest is called Zef. Between the 4th planet Ar and the 6th Zef there was  the orbit of the 5th planet Pha with a satellite called Mem. Now Pha is destroyed and in its place there is a large number of asteroids. In the mythology of Roida, there is still the belief that "Roida is the older daughter of long ago lost mother"  (=Pha). The planet Roida is the 3rd from the sun (the sun is called Som).  Of course there are more planets, in higher micro-resolution realities of this solar system which are not visible from the 1st micro-resolution reality. The sun SOM of the solar system of Roida, is a multi micro-resolution realities star. In other words it is visible and exists in many micro-resolution realities. The sun SOM is more bright than 80% of the other suns in the galaxies of equal size. It was slightly yellow before 100 B.L. , now it is more white (because of solar engineering of the Andromedans on it  as we shall see) and is expected to become in the immediate future slightly bluish. The planet Roida now has as companion planet the satelite Mem, slightly smaller than Roida, but dead. The internal sun of Mem is dead, and all the surface of Mem is a desert. 
At the 3rd micro-resolution reality, the planet , Zef, is already a small bluish sun. There is in the 3rd micro-resolution reality (not visible from our 1st frequency reality) a satellite of Zef called Ju,  which has on it intelligent and advanced human civilization (of course in bodies of 3rd micro-resolution reality). 
The full list of the planet of the solar system from the sun SOM outwards is
1) Er , 2)Fro,  3)Roida, 4)Ar, 5)(Pha) 6)Zef, 7)Ro, 8)Po, 9)Ra, 10) Lu.
The story is that about 4,5 billion years ago, when the Draconians came in this galaxy, there was war between them and the mammal human civilization, that inhabited the planet Pha, which had an oxygen biosphere. This civilization was by normal size mammal humanoids compared  to the giant Draconian reptilians (About 10 meters tall). At that time the sun of this solar system was relatively newly formed. The mammal humanoid civilization  of Pha was destroyed, and the giant reptilians occupied the planet Pha. But then a civilization  at the 4th  higher frequency micro-resolution  reality  (6th density reality) appeared from nowhere and accompanied  with an army from a distant civilization in the visible physical reality  intervened  , and the giant Draconian  reptilians were destroyed. These new enemies of the Draconians possessed a remarkable weapon of distant ray cannons, that could destroy the Draconian space-ships from a distance that the Draconian weapons could not reach.  The remaining Draconians while trying to escape with their semi-destroyed space-ships, collided accidentally with the second satellite of Pha (the first was Mem), which moving now out of orbit fell fast upon Pha,   and Pha broke in to pieces that are now the asteroids. The myths of Roida say that the reason that the Draconians were destroyed is that with their lower frequency would seriously endanger the balance of evolution of the solar System of SOM.  The Draconians, left and went to the constellation of Dragon, but left behind  a very small number, in  surface and underground bases in the planets Ar, and Roida,  which  were also, with oxygen biospheres. 
Initially the planet of Roida was a cold full of ice planet without life on it closer to Ar. But the initial trans-planters of life billions of years ago, realized  that because there was (frozen) water on the planet they could give it a living oxygen based biosphere. 


As the Draconians after a few hundred thousand years already had genetic degeneration problems, they decided to make an experiment, to create an oxygen living biosphere, from the existing ones , but without mammals, only mammal-looking reptiles, and then let it evolve, with artificial genetic interventions and animals created by the Draconians, till the finally would re-create their own selves, as evolved giant reptilian humanoids from dinosaurs and other artificial reptilian animals that would have created. They needed to do that because they did no evolve naturally in the 4 biospheres but their bodies were created be genetically by other more advanced giant mammal humanoids. In this way they would also have new DNA to repair their genetic degeneration. In  addition the plan was to multiply this one planet experiment (Roida) , to many planets, and finally dominate all living planets of the galaxy with the tyranny of tyrannosaurs, and also the tyranny of the reptoid humanoids  to the other mammal humanoid civilizations. And so they did! About 220 millions years ago, they created a vast extinction of mammals on the planet Roida, known to their scientists as the Permian extinction, and their installed , their artificial evolution of tyrannosaurs and dinosaurs. But about 69-70 million years ago, the other pre-Lyran human mammal civilizations in the galaxy, that had suffered already, from the aggressive domination of the Draconians , attacked the Draconians on Ar and Roida. The biosphere of Ar was destroyed in that war, and also almost all of the artificial reptile evolution on Roida.  The army of the Draconians and almost all underground based were also destroyed. But the army of the human mammal civilizations of that time, in spite their victory, had very grave casualties. Those pro-Lyran mammal human races that destroyed the army of the Draconians, and stopped the artificial era of the dinosaurs evolution were called Explots (meaning in one of their language, those that like to do, doers)  but the Draconians called them in their language Paa Tals (a Draconian word meaning, extremely powerful). Later, and especially after the arrival of the Lyrans in this galaxy,  the Lyrans and sub-Lyrans civilizations  transported Standard plants and mammal animals from other living oxygen biospheres, on Roida. So Roida, became again a normal oxygen planet with the right analogies of types of animals including reptiles and mammals. 
The biosphere of Roida which is of Oxygen type was transplanted mainly by the civilization of Lyra, and other sub-Lyra civilizations like Pleiades , Sirius A etc. But the Draconian Alliance had  significant transplanting interventions too. 

The classical paleontologist science of Roida, knows about the Permian extinction of mammals about 220 million years ago on Roida, but are not aware of the role of the Draconian alliance on that.

The Draconians, therefore had a long story with the planet Roida, for millions of years. Their experiment and project to create an oxygen biosphere with only mammal looking but reptile animals (the era of Dinosaurs) , was abruptly stopped by the other advanced mammal civilizations about 70 millions year ago. And  the Draconians were very angry at that time. So in spite of the facts that now another mammal civilization was inhabiting the planet Roida, secretly some of  the hard-headed Draconians subconsciously had ideas that this planet of Roida is still, or should be a planet belonging to them. So they had in their back of their mind , that one day that the civilization of Roida, would be in its glorious peak , powerful and influential all over the galaxy, and unsuspected of any further threats from the reptilian Civilizations, that would suddenly appear , attach and destroy the civilization of Roida. One serious obstacle, of course, to these plans was that now the Civilization of Roida was part of the Great alliance of Andromeda , that is more than 300 very powerful civilizations. The Draconians had decided long ago , not to confront directly such great alliances, as they could not afford heavy war casualties because of  their small and decreasing numbers. That is why they were always putting other civilizations, for example the smaller reptilians of Orion, to fight their wars. But for the planet Roida, would like to have this joy of destroying it, revenging again and again thus, this 70 millions years ago , destruction of their experiment (the era of Dinosaurs) on Roida. Their hope was to find in an unsuspecting time the Civilization of Roida and destroying it by surprise, before the army of the Andromeda alliance would find time to come. And so they were waiting and waiting four thousands of years. But the developments that we describe later in the last paragraph 16 , completely will annihilate their expectations. One day Roida did not existed anymore in the visible physical reality and had shifted to the 1st aethereal physical reality. To their technology and reality, Roida was not easily accessible anymore, and also it was not at all the planetary biosphere they new. So they lost their special interest in Roida for ever. But  about this strange developments on Roida will be discussed in  the last paragraph 16 . 


About 74 thousand years before the Lift-up (=B.L), it was founded on Roida on the Northern part of the ocean Pa, on a large island, the collective colony of U-land, from civilizations from the constellation of Lyra, Sor A, Pleiades , Ursa Minor (belongs to the Orion group and Draconian Alliance), and Butese (Nimbiru). While in 59 thousand years B.L. it was founded on Roida on the Northern part of the ocean Ta, on a round island, the collective colony of I-land, from civilizations from the constellation of Pleiades, Nim, Alderbarans, Antariaens, the Hayades, a group from Sagitarius and the Andromendans (in particular the Blues). As U-Land had a civilization from the Draconian Alliance (Ursa Minor), there was war between U-land and I-Land, and U-Land was destroyed in 33 thousand years B.L. But this made the Draconian Alliance very angry, and by sending a huge army of reptoids , on Roida, they created a very deadly Siege for I-Land in 31 thousand years B.L. . I-Land asked the help of the Pleiadian army, but by the time the Pleiadian army arrived on Roida, I-Land was already destroyed; not by the Draconian Army, but a self-destructive holocaust by I-land itself, in order not to fall in the hands of the reptoids. 
These wars  and destruction were also nuclear, and the outer biosphere of Roida remained contaminated for the next 22 thousand years. The Pleiadian army after saving a few survivors, had to go back, as the Draconian Alliance army was overwhelmingly more numerous. This was the Oblivion of civilization on Roida on the collective colonies of U-land and I-land. From then on the frequency of outer Roida, lowered significantly back to non-evolved states. 


In the inner biosphere of Roida exists an isolated city called Kalipolis of 20 million people, with homo-centric cycles design and square external walls. The civilization of the outer biosphere of Roida is not aware of it. Kalipolis was founded shortly after the destruction of I-land  that is about 28 thousand years B.L. by few survivors who were hiding from the Draconian Alliance and who new the secret tunnels that lead from the outer biopshere of Roida to the inner biopshere of Roida. After, all, due to the nuclear contamination of the outer biopshere of Roida, after the destruction of the I-Land, they could not live in the outer biosphere of Roida. Most of the population of Kalipolis are descendants from the civilization of Pleiades, that had founded I-Land.

As they were direct descendants of the races of I-Land, as we shall see, they had a full 12-strand DNA.  In Kalipolis they do not use money at all, and their government system is that of original direct democracy  mainly with random draws, rotation,  volunteering, but also by voting too. Their technology is more advanced than the technology of the outer Roida, but due to isolation from the other civilizations of he galaxy, less advanced than what the I-Land was. They are a few centuries only more advanced than the civilization of the outer biosphere of Roida. In the inner Roida, the gravitational field is reversed and reverses again just close to the inner bluish sun of Roida. Plans and animals are a bit larger, than the corresponding on outer Roida. There is no night and day or seasons in inner Roida. Only an eternal soft, day. There are  about 10 artificial tunnels, that cross the about 2250 kilometers thick spherical shell of Roida so as to reach the inner biopshere. These tunnels were created by very ancient advanced civilizations of the past, that have by now shifted to higher micro-resolution realities.  The 70 kilo-meters diameter natural holes of the planetary spherical shell are full of ocean waters and are not possible to pass, without very advanced technology of spaceships.  The first reversal of the gravitation is about at the mid of the width of spherical shell. The spherical shell is also in many places full of magma, giving rise to various volcanoes. It was the firm decision of Kalipolis, since the time of destruction of I-Land, to hide for ever from the external world. After all their technology did allowed them to travel far away from Roida. In their traditions , they teach about the various galactic civilizations , so strictly speaking they are not considered consciousness under veil, neither they would need a lift-up, to communicate with the Andromedan Alliance.  The Andromedan Alliance approached them, which gave them great joy, but asked them to stand by, and wait for the Lift-up of the civilization of the outer Roida.


10.1) Pre-historic genetic manipulation of Roida's humanity

 From 31,000 B.L. to 7,000 B.L. the Orion reptoids visited many times Roida and subjected the primitive remainders to genetic manipulation, by de-activating 10 strands of their 12-strand DNA, and leaving only 2 active strands mainly affecting the sex and survival. In addition they added some of their own DNA. The reptoids from Orion created also planetary scale floods to eliminate all other survivors except the ones that had re-engineered genetically. Later in 9,000 B.L. the Nibiru also visited Roida, did their own genetic manipulation by adding from their royal DNA. The story involved the two brothers Enki and Enlil, that now their tombs are found on the planet Ar.  Nibiru  also salinated all oceans on the planet (in all oxygen type biospheres the oceans are of drinkable water) , so as to force the primitives to go to known rivers and lakes and be able to control them easier for genetic manipulation. 

10.2) The communistic directorships of two of the 3 big nations of Roida. 

We may say that the Lift-up started about 100 B.L. and ended about 100 A.L. or it lasted about two centuries of Roida.
Just after the approach of the Andromedan Alliance to the solar system of Roida, and to Roida, some brilliant philosophers of Roida, inspired by ideas finding in their spirit and consciousness, and probably "sensing"  the moral superiority of the egalitarian governance of the civilizations of the Andromeda Alliance wrote strong  and influential political philosophies about how a society should function in a fair an optimal way for evolution, called communism and socialism. The most famous of them had the name Max. Then about 83 B.L. a major revolution started in one of the 3 big nations (called Ru) of Roida, in trying to establish new social rules, closer to equality, and 'serve-the-others" rather than "serve-the-self". After few years a second similar revolution started and the same happened in one more of the big nations of Roida (called Chi). As all more evolved social institutions, rules and laws, are more vulnerable too than less evolved,  a minority of less evolved souls, usurped and monopolized the social power in both revolutions, leading to directorship in these two nations.  Again an oligarchy was ruling that did not really expressed the consciousness and desires of the individuals, but this time, not on the name of private interest as in the other nations of Roida, but in the name of public interest, which was even more cruel. The Andromedan Alliance was watching with sadness, the communistic dictatorships in these two countries , as one more evil distortion of the egalitarian , and serve-the-others principles. More successful were a small number of eco-communities of 100-200 people each in  various continents that realized many future qualities of the civilization including direct democracy. These dictatorships ended about 20 B.L. when the oligarchy in power in these two nations together with the 3rd nation (called Ric) , realized the common external danger of the Draconian Alliance, which led them unite forces and methods of social functioning. 

10.3) The Current humanity of Roida, its complicated money system and the oligarchic indirect ruling of the planet. 

Till 80 B.L. the civilization in Roida developed, and even discovered nuclear power, but not yet aliens. They used in an extensive and very complicated way economics and finance, within their civilization in a way not observed to any other known planetary civilization in the galaxy. The economics of Roida were creating  severe social inequalities, and thus unhappiness, criminality and injustice.  The central banks of the major currencies were belonging to a syndicate of  power families, and the issued money were not belonging to the public but to this syndicate. This money should be a public good but it was usurped by this syndicate, and when issued it ts value was essentially only because of the wealth and productive abilities of the people. But what is worse, the issued money were circulating in the society only though debt , creating thus a severe periodic debt crisis. The power of this syndicate was the greatest in the planet, far above the power of the national governments. This syndicate had not only the major central banks and banks , but also the major banks had bought the major energy production companies and car industry.  
The wrongly designed monetary system of Roida, was an achievement of a hidden masonic manipulation by the Draconian Alliance. 
This monetary system was destined to collapse every 60-100 years and enslave the public to poverty unable to solve the demanding planetary problems like overpopulation, ecological destruction, and CO2 in the atmosphere. The plan of the Draconians was to artificially obstruct in a cunning and hidden way the solution of these planetary problems, especially the establishment of a clean renewable energy model, and then after having augmented almost created such a crisis, to push as an non-deniable emergent solution , through masonries a dictatorship on the planet, secretly ruled by them. Even if they would fail to establish a directorship though a planetary government before a planetary direct democracy or planetary parliament, was established, their plan was to  still rule the planet through the money of this syndicate of the central banks.  The Andromedan Alliance firmly decided that it will not allow, the Draconian Alliance infiltration to create a planetary world government, that before the establishment of a planetary direct democracy and planetary parliament, it would plainly be a clear planetary disctorship.  Neither they would allow, the Draconian Alliance infiltration to rule the planet through the money oligarchic  syndicate of the central banks. 
There was a lot of propaganda, that what could unite the planet, is the money and business and not national governments that are dominated by separation and mutual conflicts. But this propaganda was forgetting the main truth that money cannot bring prosperity to the planet, as the job of money is to create inequalities , have ones and non-have ones. Only a  collective egalitarian intention  through , science, better  laws, direct democracy and compassion could bring prosperity. 

10.4) Solar and Black Hole higher frequency micro-resolution realities masonries of existences  on Roida and the major contemporary religions of Roida. 

 In Roida there were   immortals in the population and there was a planetary secret council of about 200  immortals of Roida that were not known to the public of Roida, but only as myths , fictional stories and rumors. The immortals or ascended masters, were members of a higher micro-resolution masonry, called Spiritual Hierarchy of Light founded about 300 thousand years ago (B.L.) , by solar existences of the sun Som, that were kind of solar ambassador existences on Roida. These solar existences that exist in higher micro-resolution realities had come about 18 million years ago on Roida from the sun Som, and had their own masonry called Shambhala (or Lords of Fire) , which recruited men from the humanity of Roida to become members of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Light.  When a member and initiate of the masonry of Spiritual Hierarchy of Light migrated to the 3rd frequency micro-resolution reality (5th density reality), or higher, they had a technique to keep the last incarnated body, for very long. Such a man was called immortal. The head of the Spiritual Hierarchy on Roida is an existence at the 5th frequency micro-resolution reality (7th density reality see appendix). While the head of the Shambhala is an 7th frequency micro-resolution reality (9th density reality, see appendix). But on Roida existed also black hole existences and a different masonry of higher micro-resolution reality, called Dark Order. The Dark Order had recruited men in a sub-masonry called  Demons. The dark Order, and the Shambhala were often in antagonism and battle for domination on the events in the humanity of Roida.  Most of the major religions on Roida were initiated, by the Spiritual hierarchy of Light, but after some centuries most of  these religions were dominated by the masonry of Demons and Dark Order.  

10.5) The consciousness effects of the genetic manipulation.

Because of their genetic manipulation, the humans of Roida they were more wicked than the predecessors of I-Land, susceptible to lies, hypocrisy, sexism, but also severe perseverance in their goals. If they would had their full 12-strand DNA, they would be living lie detectors and no lies would be possible in their relations. But now their intimate relations were full of deceptions , lies and hypocrisy. 
Also the extensive prevailing of the carnivorous and omnivorous habits of the humans of Roida seems that had its origin to the active functioning of only the 2-strands of the DNA, and some reptilian DNA, they had added. 

10.6) The Mem in the sky as Trojan Horse. 

Mean while before 12,000 B.L. the Orion reptoids moved the dead planet Mem from its orbit between Ar and Zef, to Ursa Minor, they made it an artificial vehicle and Trojan Horse, full of underground installations and military bases, and brought it back to orbit, but this time as companion planet rotating around Roida, about in 12,000 B.L. for purposes of control and monitor of Roida. 

10.7) The Draconian Alliance as predators had infiltrated Roida.

In addition they had many underground military based in Roida, and one on the dead planet Ar, making in total a very hostile and hidden siege for the emerging and unsuspecting civilization of Roida. An underground base of about  2000 small size sub- Draconians called Minosaurs, that was installed about 100 kilometers deep under the surface of the planet, and was there for at least 1 million years, was stealing each year about 100 thousand human babies, that were used for their pharmaceuticals and served also as meat-food.  The humanity of Roida although new for the missing babies was totally unaware of the actions of these sub-Draconians Minosaurs, as the sub-Draconians had by far more advanced hiding technology than the civilization of Roida. The Minosaurs were responsible also for many ancient primitive religions especially those that demanded human sacrifice to a predator-like  "God". Other underground bases of the Draconians and reptilians from Orion, were more recent only some thousand yeas old, and with special very high frequency ultrasounds, were destined to create fear to the public of Roida and trap their human souls in the planet of Roida. 

The draconian Alliance had also an underground base on the satellite Mem, and they were secretly Abducting  women from Roida to make genetic experiments on them. 
This was also stopped by the Andromedan Alliance.

10.8) The five major problems of the humanity of Roida at the time of the Lift-up.

The main problems of the civilization of Roida at the time of the Lift-up were five
1) The childhood mortality in an increasing overpopulation.
2)  The CO2 emissions because of an oil and natural gas energy model, that created the climate crisis , and oxygen asphyxiation.
3) The severe and unfair inequalities and debt crisis, that the monetary and banking system created, in the major currencies.
4) The ecological destruction and non-sustainable agriculture.
5) The overruling  of the representative democracies, by the economic oligarchy, that should be corrected to an electronic direct democracy (with rotation, random draw and sortition). 

All of the above problems that endangered  the civilization, have known solutions, and the only serious obstruction in order to be solved, was that there was not the appropriate collective will and intention for this. 

The psychology of  the individual with his private property (an ego of having) and then most common objective which was to increase the private property (antagonism), simply was putting the will and intention of each one against the others (Divide and conquer) and thus collectively the society was   evolving slower than necessary.

10.9) Artificial viruses for depopulation and control of  the masses. 

To this we may add that the tiny economic oligarchy with vast economic power, did not stood up to the high needs of the planetary circumstances, but their power was only serving the increase of their wealth and power preservation, rather than solving the planets problem. In addition some secret and evil groups instead of trying to apply science to solve the planetary problems created artificial, nano-biotechnological viruses and bacteria very fast mutating in a few ours, with the purpose of de-populating the planet Roida, and keep the masses ill and pathetically vulnerable to the power of the economic oligarchy.   Millions were killed by these viruses, that had no cure in the medicine of Roida, and billions were kept in state of pathetic obedience. 

10.10) The Draconians , for  seduction, dependence , oligarchy  and corrupting give secret technology to an oligarchy, that cannot be absorbed as knowledge, neither by the public scientific knowledge of Roida, neither by the oligarchy. 

Or they applied advanced technology secretly given from the Draconian Alliance through Sirius B, to create substitute public figures (after murdering them) with clones of them, that remembered exactly what the public figure was remembering. This technique was originally  created by other civilizations to cure damaged brains after severe accidents. But the evil and anti-public intentions of the secrete elite of technology (on purpose given by the Draconian Alliance to seduce the upper classes of the humanity of Roida), led them to apply it for social domination through deception of the public. This technology was scanning with special magetic fields all the neurons and their content, of the brain of the public figure, before they killed it, and then  they were forcing the development of the clone, to be exactly with the copied neuron connections.  Such clones were not habitable from human souls, so the clones were remaining as kind of perfect biological robots in coma . But with electronic chip implants in the brain connected to computers , they could make them acting as if with their own will, and of course serve the interest they wanted them to. 

It is not only that the technology, that secretly some countries were taking from the Draconian Alliance, was undeserving to this elite (as also the science of Roida could not understand this technology), but also the evil way they were applying , to manipulate the public was undeserving   bad for the public. 

As a contrast the Andomeda Alliance was willing to give technology to Roida's civilization but as they were with high morality and wisdom, only technology that was some how easy to be understood by the science of Roida. Otherwise they new that they would do bad rather than good, and would made Roida's science to depend on them instead of going on discovering with their own independence virtue and ability.
They know that if you nurture others but allow them to become dependent on you, you are really hurting them, not helping them.  

10.11) A criminal runaway from Pleiades, and flying discs technology. 

As part of the initial bad luck of Roida, a criminal renegade and outlaw from one of the civilizations of the Andromeda Alliance (from Pleiades) , made secrete alliances with one of the countries of Roida, to give to them transportation technology pf lying discs as exchange of refuge, and people to work for him. This country, did so, but a bit later, the Andromeda Alliance arrested this outlaw, and sent him to the courts of justice. The technology of flying discs he gave remained secrete,  because the official and open science of Roida had not discovered yet, the unifying equations of the 1st aether (2nd frequency micro-resolution reality) and thus not discovered yet  the unification of the electromagnetic and gravitational field.  Neither they had discover the rest of the gravitational field which could be universal repelling too not only universal attracting, and also could be used as source of clean renewable energy. 
In one of the underground bases of Mem, live now about 40 thousand humans from Roida, that traveled there with flying discs, about 70 B.L.  from that country that the Re-negate criminal from Pleiades gave them this technology of Flying Discs. The rest of the public in Roida is not aware of it. 
Just after some years, the Draconian Alliance gave, also to their protege minority in Roida, also flying disc technology. 

10.12) The Andromedan Alliance intervenes and stops the Draconian Alliance infiltration and manipulation. 

Such evil manipulations as we shall see later were stopped with the intervention of  the Andromedan alliance, after exposing to the public what these secrete groups were doing. All the technology from the Draconian Alliance was confiscated and given to the public of the nations, together with appropriate laws that were protecting from how it could be applied. The principle was, that it is  better discovering only what we can apply for the good of all versus applying what ever we can discover for the good of few. And that the needs of the few that have the economic power do not weight more than the needs of the many. 


The Human (Andromedan) Alliance of the galaxies ,  became aware of all these tricks by the Draconian Alliance against the emerging civilization of Roida, and brought a numerous army in the solar system of Som, army with forces from the 1st micro-resolution reality till the 7th micro-resolution reality. While the army of the Draconian Alliance was from the 1st micro-resolution reality till the 3rd micro-resolution reality. War started between 100 B.L til 10 B.L and the victory belongs to the Human Andromedan Alliance. All underground bases in Roida of the Draconian Alliance , on Ar and in Mem were destroyed, with Ultra-Sonic cannons brought from the constellation of pro-Cyon, and designed by the civilization of Arcturians. 
Then the Draconian Alliance tried to foment and create  war, on the planet of Roida, so that the civilization of Roida itself, self-destruct with a nuclear war between two of the tree big nations of Roida. But again the Androneda alliance intervened, and with some friends it had in the 3 big nations, they de-activated practically all the nuclear weapons, of the three large  nations of Roida. In this way they were quite sure that no nuclear internal war in Roida  , by the nations of Roida, would destroy the civilization during the lift-up. 


Meanwhile as we said Alteh was born in 60 B.L. in Roida, had the name Ho, and studied mathematics. In 42 B.L Ho is lifted in the star-ships of the Human Alliance where he meets his soul-friend Allen. After proving to Ho, with technology that brings on screen the hidden traces in the human body cells, of memories of the soul from past lives, where e.g.  Ho was Alteh, a friend of Allen in his previous life on the planet Ble, a close new friendship of Allen and Ho starts.
Ho has to be re-educated about more true scientific truths and laws, compared to those he knew from the sciences in Roida. E.g. Ho in the beginning argues that 
1) All life in Roida was created from zero from the mineral kingdom with natural evolution and natural selection, 
2) Homo-sapiens came about 6 million years ago from the primates and monkeys 
3) That planet Roida is full inside with magma and not hollow, 
4) That all stars were created by a Big-Bang 
5) That the law of increasing entropy is a universal law 
6) that there are no 2nd or finer micro-resolution realities (aetherial realities) , nothing but vacuum beyond the 1st micro-resolution reality, 
7) that all the historic floods were the work of God, 
8) that it is impossible for humans to move whole planets, and 
9) that the dead planet Mem is not an artificial vehicle. 
10) That the right and exclusive privilege of the private industry of the banking system, to issue ("print") money  and circulate it exclusively through debt, does no create in a periodic way massive financial destruction in the societies. 
11)That the right of the capital, to buy whole companies, and their human resources power, or the human working time, it is not a form of partial and indirect slavery. 
12) That the economic inequalities are not less   than 20% a reflection of the meritocracy of the have ones versus the non-haves ones, and more than 80% a result of the law of activities "money attracts more money". On the contrary they are more than 80% the result of meritocracy,  are therefore fair, and that there is no statistically certain fact that a percentage of the population will be lead in to a miserable non-livable life and it is therefore  not a responsibility of the economic system. 
As Ho was pondering about the religious teachings of his planet, he realized that we must avoid the trap of the duality of darkness and light, of black hole influences and solar influences on the planet.We must not forget that instead of duality we rather  have 9 sides:

1)the bad, neutral and good light, 

2)the bad neutral and good darkness 
3) the bad , neutral and good (grey) shadow. 

Here are some more beliefs that create the reality of the experience of personal and social life for many people in the current civilization of Roida.  Ho realized gradually that all of them are wrong beliefs. 

1) In order to have the right to be alive, anyone in any age, and have access to the resources of the ecological planetary biosphere, or the inherited inventions and achievements of many past generations in the civilization, you must earn the necessary amount of money. Other wise you are not entitle to the above rights. 

2)That the economic inequalities are not less   than 20% a reflection of the meritocracy of the have ones versus the non-haves ones, and more than 80% a result of the law of activities "money attracts more money", in other words one of the basic property of money and the game of private property. On the contrary they are more than 80% the result of meritocracy,  are therefore fair, and that there is no statistically certain fact that a percentage of the population will be lead in to a miserable non-livable life and it is therefore  not a responsibility of the economic system. Economic inequalities do not apply automatically a deadly negative , massive scale destructive will in the population. 

3) The current economic system of inequalities of private property and money(  e.g. as described by the Pareto rules of 80%-20%) is the natural and best mode of evolution of the societies. It is always better to have a minority with high standards of life, even if it is only  an ideal for the poorer masses.

4) Every form of success and self-realization and creation of personal competence and value in life, is also the creation of personal financial  wealth.  The more the personal value, the more the economic difference from the average person's wealth. In short money and personal wealth  more or less count also for personal value.

5) Only the state, is the appropriate power to take responsibility and solve all problems of life and society, and I just wait to take advantage of the benevolent solutions. 

6) The right and exclusive privilege of the private industry of the banking system, to issue ("print") money  and circulate it exclusively through debt, does no create in a periodic way massive financial destruction in the societies. 

7) The right of the capital, to buy whole companies, and their human resources power, or the human working time, it is not a form of partial and indirect slavery. Survival of the individual with making a living by selling the working-time will always be the mode of social life of the individual.

8) The jungle-law of the powerful animal, as the one that by definition  applies and creates suffering to the weak animals , is also a universal law in the human civilization.

9) Love is a state of weakness. Most often it leads to loss of freedom of loss of personal or social power and unhappiness. 

10) It is not true that in the very existence of any single human being, there is the ability of miracles. Only the God, or God's invocation could make miracles. 

11) In order for some one to have a successful and happy life, he/she must start by acquiring money and creating sufficient wealth. All else, more or less, will come sooner or later. 

12) The emotions are the most important aspect of the human consciousness and must have the last word in the human decisions. 

13) The only motives of people, so as to do what they do in their lives are survival, (including  sex and  procreation) or money (the economic security, or the desire of becoming rich). 

14) The only true value in human life is to fall in love, then to make a family and have children.

15) The natural state of a human being is suffering and unhappiness. Happiness is a rare  intermittent state. 

16) Most things in life are not determined by a human being. They simply happen to him. Few only are determined by him and for few only things he/she is responsible in his/her  fate. Therefore the external conditions determine much more the life than the internal conditions of his/her existence. 

17) Each individual is mainly his/her worst failures , weaknesses , fears and problems.

18) You abilities and worth, are only what you can prove from what you have done (e.g. by a CV).

19) What you are, is mainly what others believe or assess  about you, and not so much what you believe and know for yourself. 

20) Truth , and reality is mainly almost entirely the negative, undesired or ugly  realizations of thinking. And conversely the negative, undesired or ugly  realizations of thinking, are bound to be the truth and reality.

21) There is no other deeper physical material  reality, than everything that is made from protons neutrons, and electrons. Beyond these and in smaller space scale there is nothing but vacuum and empty space. (this belief is relevant to our current oil energy model and the CO2 emissions in the air, that deplete oxygen).

22) The universe was created by a Big Bang 13-14 billion years ago. It does not hold that the world is in  swirl motion of galaxies and stars that increases and decreases the world entropy  periodically , and that the universes age is 21 trillion years

23) The carnivorous habits (meat eating) are the natural nutrition model of food that by biological design is the appropriate for the human body. 
Animal slavery , livestock and breeding animals for human beings food is a standard civilization behavior that will never be abandoned. (This is relevant to the agriculture , livestock and cattle breeding planetary scale model of food resources)

24) Making children , is always good and moral, in spite of any adversities or poor economic conditions of the parents and  society. (This belief is relevant to the emergence of overpopulation).

25) The human being is always with narrow selfishness oriented to personal private property and will never take responsibility of the global sustainability of the biosphere of the planet. (this is relevant to our destruction of the physical environment)

26) There is no other intelligent civilization in the billions of planets of our galaxies, galaxies around and in the world in general except the  civilization of Roida. (this is relevant to our claim that anything about aliens is a collective fantasy)

27) The  civilization of Roida  will never unite in a global direct-democratic and fair political system, with as little power inequalities as possible and where no single nation or race  will dominate all others.

28) Travelling with human passengers to other solar systems , is out of our technological reach for the next 2-3 of centuries.

29) The interior of Roida is full of magma and high temperature matter. It does not hold that till the 2/3 of the radius of earth it is hollow with inner atmosphere  neither that it has a sun-like gaseous fiery ball at the center.

30) Money will always be used inside the societies of the civilization of Roida. There is no advanced social life without money. Money does not make people wicked. 

31) The mode of communication of human being from close distance will always be through speaking verbally with a voice transmitted as sound through the air. Human beings will never become fully telepathic through evolution in a natural way. Neither any universal-planetary inner-visual 3-dimensional pictures language will unite collective all people in the planet. This can be done only through technology like the internet.

32) Private property will always be the mode of individual power and the base of the economy.  The human soul will always be attending and receiving, as its main and strongest interest , perceptions from the material physical objects.  And as long there is private property, there must be money too. Money is not the means of applying power from human to humans , or the means to create inequalities in social power, and standards of living,  but it is  neutral and the means of transactions. 

33) The Homo Sapiens is an evolutionary development of primates and monkeys of Roida, since 6 million years ago.  It is not the descendant of the population of I-Land and U-Land  that were destroyed 29 and 33 thousand years B.L. and founded 59 and 74 thousand years B.L. respectively. Or if they are,  I-Land and U-Land, were not collective colonies of intelligent civilizations from Lyra,  who already new inter-galactic travelling and had come 50 million years ago in Lyra  from another galaxy. 

Here is concise table of 22 points  that compares the Cosmic Consensus Consciousness and standard  beliefs of  Roida's educational system.




1)All matter starts with the triad of permanent and free particles of protons , electrons neutrons. In smaller scale there is nothing but vacuum. All celestial bodies are those that we can observe with electromagnetic waves (light).
1)Physical reality, continuous deeper, than protons , neutrons, electrons, with finer such triads , of permanent, free particles.  There are many such layers of matter (Called densities or dimensions  or aethers or frequencies , the term frequency being relevant to the frequency of the spin of the triads) . We may call the reality of protons,   neutrons electrons, the 1st frequency reality. And there are many invisible to us planets, and celestial bodies, in the higher frequency material realities.

2)The universe was  created by a Big Bang 13-14 billion years ago (B.L.).

2) This current (not higher)  frequency visible physical reality was created 21 billion years ago, in other words all protons , neutrons electrons, were created from , waves emanating simultaneously from all from black holes for a limited time. This cosmo-sphere in a vortex motion, contracts and expands, giving the impression of big-bang creation. If we include higher frequency realities the universe is at least 21 trillion years old.

3)All that exists, is the cosmological manifold (cosmo-sphere) that we can observe with the light in astronomy.

3)All that we can observe with light is only one cosmo-sphere., in this frequency reality. There are more such , in this (not higher) frequency reality that we cannot observe with light in astronomy.
Nothing goes faster than light

4) The interior of ROIDA is full of magma
There is no such a limitation in nature. In the same way that there is no limitation that in the air that bodies cannot move faster than the sound. As far as human biological bodies is concerned, human mammals from oxygen-breathing  biopsheres, have been recorded to travel inside spaceships, up to 4 times the speed of light. But if the human mammal body is from hydrogen-breathing  biosphere it cannot travel faster than the speed of light, because the frequency of their  bodies is lower than those from oxygen breathing biopsheres.

4) All planets, satellites and stars, from their way that are shaped and gradually cooled, are hollow inside. Roida has an interior bluish small gaseous sun. 

5) MEM is a natural celestial body, that was there, billion years ago.

5) MEM was a natural celestial . But now it has been modified by other solar system civilization (Draconian Alliance), to be an artificial spaceship, and was set in orbit around Roida about 9000-10000 B.L.

6) The salt of the oceans is part of the natural evolution

6) There are billions of other planets with living biosphere of oxygen , like Roida, but their oceans are from drinkable water. On Roida an  alien civilization the Nim's (Draconian Alliance) salinated the oceans not too many  thousand years ago.



7)All life  emerged from inorganic matter, and evolves in the Darwinian   way through randomness

7)Life was created, by spiritual creators  in higher frequency physical realities, and only later, by lowering of the frequency, it appeared, in this frequency  visible physical reality. Then it went one evolving also in the Darwinian way.

8) All plant, animal and human life on Roida were created in the above way, exactly on Roida

8)Most of the ecological life of living planets, was transplanted and transported from other living planets,. This holds also for all plant , animal and human life on Roida.
Only the oxygen-breathing biopshere of Roida is known to exist

9)The dinosaurs was a natural evolution of Roida's animal life
There are 4 types of living planetary biopsheres. a) Hydrogen-breathing (which is the most common) b) Ammonia-breathing c) Methane-breathing and d) Oxygen-breathing (which is the most complicated and rare)

9)It seems that the dinosaurs were artificial animals, and artificial evolution created by the Draconian Alliance on roida, after the Permian extinction of mammals (about 220 million years ago), in an attempt to create a planetary biosphere almost only from reptiles

10)There is no other intelligent life in Roida's solar system, but on Roida

10)In the 3rd higher frequency reality (or 2nd aether, or 5th density reality, see post 3) there is an invisible  satellite of planet Zef while Zef is a small blue sun (in the 3rd frequency reality). This satellite has intelligent human civilization in the 3rd frequency reality. In the 3rd frequency reality and higher frequencies , all  life there is such that , no living creature  is fed by other living creatures but all are fed from the energy of their sun.

11)There is no other sentient life on Roida that speaks logical language than the human.

11) Dolphins, Whales , are sentient animals, on earth, as well as all over the galaxy and their language is logical and trinary .
The natural way of communication between humans is by the sound of sequences of spoken words. Telepathy is abnormal.

The natural way of communication between humans of evolved civilizations, is by sequences of telepathically transmitted and received mental 3-dimensional figures and images, as words. Verbal communication through spoken sound, is an ability, that is almost not used anymore.


12) Homo sapience emerged not earlier than 150-200 thousand years ago (B.L.).

12)Intelligent humanoid life existed billion years ago, and interstellar travelling is proven to be known at least since 250 million years ago. Intelligent Humanoid life on Roida too, existed billions and millions years ago. Homo-sapience, as particular type of mammal humanoid life , has come to Roida from other constellations  like Lyra’s  and other sub-Lyra races of other constellations, in greater numbers, at least since 700 thousand years ago.The current DNA of humans on Roida, is from 22 different galactic races.

13)Most probably homo-sapience is an evolution of the primates, which is a 6 million years old animal

13)Some primates is an artificial animal created by genetic engineering , by the Draconians (from the constellation of Dragon)



14)Money is the natural way for a society to function

14)Most advanced human mammal civilizations do not utilize money to function   internally.

15)Pharmaceuticals is the best way of medical healing

15)Most advanced human mammal civilizations do not utilize pharmaceutical  for medical healing. They utilize, energetic methods, through sound frequencies, light, and colors, besides meditation.
Humans are considered omnivorous, and meat is 
indispensable food.

16)Human work has to be bought and sold with money.
 Humans are considered fruits eaters, and animal flesh is not part of the nutrition system.(Andromedan Alliance)

16)Human work , is not bought and sold as this would be considered form of slavery.

17)Only if you sell your work you have the right to live.

17)Every human individual in a advanced civilization, has from birth to old age death, right , for free, on the basic survival means of living.

18)A man who lives from his timely paid work can  inherit from the civilization only as much as his money can buy.

Inequalities are considered optimal
form of social functioning

A civilization with its century old accumulation of inventions , goods and services, normally should offer in each individual, in almost all cases,  more than what the individual offers with his work to the civilization, within his mortal life.

Equality is considered optimal form of social functioning, not inequality. (Andromedan Alliance)



19)Human existence, is mortal. After death there is nothing more

19)Human existences are immortals. Only the physical body dies. In advanced civilization in the 1st frequency reality an average life span is about 2000 years. In higher frequencies the life span is much longer, but also time ,counts different.

20)There is an immortal human soul, but we live only one mortal life

20)The human soul is immortal, and we live many lives, with the same evolving soul but different physical bodies, in different civilizations of various solar system.

21)There are no miracles. Humans cannot make miracles. They can make only scientific technology.

21)In higher frequencies realities, humans have the natural ability of miracles. But also in this 1st frequency visible reality, 
there is a limited ability  of rare smaller  miracles, especially by a particular minority of individuals, when the full inherited DNA is functioning.

22) Only God can make miracles. And the humans cannot. They can  only in the name of a God.

A human being can evolve spiritually only by following a God of one of the earthly religions

22)Miracles, in all frequencies realities, is an ability of the creative human existence. The higher the frequency reality the existence the more divine, and more 
Godlish”  it is.

A human being evolves spiritually by introversion to his inner divine spiritual existence, social contribution   and by respecting the inner divine spiritual existence of his/her fellow individuals in his civilization, in the same or higher frequencies realities. 

                              (The joke says that after his death Einstein, is spending his time, in the                                              heavens, to calculate the speed of darkness, while Newton, is trying to                                          formulate the law of ...lite-tion) 

Ho changed his beliefs and  could regroup , the (spiritual) principles or beliefs, in to 

1) Those referring to , the physical reality, and cosmology.

2) Those referring to the history and creation of life, and civilizations, among the galaxies, and and also history and creation of life on earth, and earthly civilizations.

3) Those referring to the how a society and civilization must or can function, beliefs about money, power, fame, and human rights.

4) These referring to the human existence, its evolution , values and abilities 

And after these 4 categories a system of spiritual beliefs and principles closer to truth, and appropriate evolution of the human existence would be the next, according to the writings of Ho.

1) Those referring to , the physical reality, and cosmology.

1.1) The universe was not created by a Big Bang 13-14 billion years ago. It is by far more reasonable and probable that there is a  swirl motion of galaxies and stars that increases and decreases the world entropy  periodically , and that it may not be improbable that the universes age is about 21 trillion years, as many galactic civilization 3-4 thousand years more advanced that us, believe. 
For the periodic motion see e.g.

1.2) The physical reality is not exhausted by the matter that we know , which is  made from protons neutrons and electrons (the only permanent and  free particles, anti-matter not included). On the contrary there are many more similar layers of matter , made from such triads of smaller free and permanent particles. Each such  layer having a frequency. Therefore although  the layer of matter that we know (made from protons neutron electrons, and which is only one frequency of material reality) may have an age of 21 billion years (as as many galactic civilization 3-4 thousand years, more advanced than us believe) the universe as a whole, having more such frequencies-layers, should be older. The advanced civilizations in the galaxy report at least 10 such material physical frequencies-layers. The last one the 10th created recently during the 90s. The next (second) frequency-layer material reality after the one that we know, has sometimes being called aether in the history of the human civilization. The term frequency, in the matter we know, refers to the average frequency of the spin of protons, neutrons, and electrons, or if we want to be more sophisticated to the Compton-DeBroglie frequency of the elementary free permanent particles like the electron. This density physical reality and all its protons, neutrons and electrons was not created by any big bang but it  was created simultaneously by an emanating frequency in higher density realities from the Black Holes, (which of course in higher realms may be super bright stars too). 
(For the numbering of the frequencies of physical material realities see appendix) 

1.3) The interior of the Roida is not full completely from magma and high temperature matter. It does hold that from the center and till the 2/3 of the radius of Roida it is hollow with inner atmosphere  and it has a bluish sun-like gaseous fiery ball at the center. In order to understand this we should have more advanced scientific theory of gravitation than the one we have. This fact of hollow planet, holds for almost all planets and stars in the galaxies.

 Here is an 3D animation video, which gives the above assumed concept (in the video the width of the shell is shown half of what mentioned here)

2) Those referring to the history and creation of life, and civilizations, among the galaxies, and and also history and creation of life on Roida, and Roida's civilizations.

2.1)  Life and civilizations exist  elsewhere too, on planets of other solar systems of  the galaxies, as they exists on earth on the known material reality (and frequency) . But they exist also in higher frequencies or layers of material realities, both in our solar system (e.g. higher 3rd frequency (aetherial) invisible satellites of planet Zef) as well as in other solar systems.  Each living planet can hold as tonal frequency,  one only frequency. There are 4 types of living biospheres (in our known 1st frequency physical reality) of planets among the galaxies. 1) that of  hydrogen H2 , the most common 2) that of ammonia NH3 3) that of methane CH4 4) that of oxygen O2, the most rare and complicated. Most of the living biosphere , with their plants and animals, where transplanted from other biospheres. It is believed that the Founders (a civilization or group of existences) were the first to create living biospheres, and by now they have withdrawn to higher frequencies and spheres of realities. Life itself as a whole and as a living  biosphere is initially created in higher frequencies (aethereal) realities and then by lowering the frequency, it appears as if magically on our visible material reality. Then it continues its creation and evolution in the "Darwinian way" within the lower frequency or by interventions of lower creators with genetic engineering and manipulation.  From this point of view of initial creation, we may say that life is at first created in the spirit before it appears in matter. 

2.2) The intelligent civilizations in the local area of  galaxies make alliances and groups according to their common values, power, DNA lineage etc. 

2.3) Our  human mammal civilization of Roida (called by us Homo-Sapiens) is not a pure indigenous earthly specie of humanoids, but it started coming  on Roida  as colonizers or refugees from other solar systems in the galaxy. This may have happened even up to 50 millions of years ago, but as easily proven fact, reported from other galactic civilizations give, it has happened at least  700 thousand years ago. 

2.4 ) It is not the first time (as DNA lineage) that we evolve at our current civilization level. We were more advanced  in the past on this planet.  E.g. the stories of U-land and I-land till 33 and 29 thousand years B.L respectively. 

2.5) Coinciding with the creation of the new 10th frequency cosmic physical material layer during the 10s, B.L. it became widely known among the civilizations of the galaxies, that all life and planetary civilizations at the known 1st frequency material layers (like Roida) will eventually "jump" in frequency or migrate and return to the 2nd or higher frequency material layers (aetherial) , as whole planetary worlds. The 1st frequency physical material layer all over the world   will no longer serve as a layer to host consciousness anymore throughout  out the galaxies.  Therefore as this, also, will be the way our planetary world will evolve, it is imperative to know more about life and civilizations in higher frequencies. E.g. it is reported that the human beings in 3rd frequency living planetary worlds, no longer need to feed themselves with other life-forms, but take their energy from their sun. And it is also reported that already the planet Zef, that we know it as planet in the 1st frequency material reality, it is a blue sun, in the 3rd frequency (aetherial)  material reality, and it has a satellite , with living and advanced human civilization (in the 3rd frequency, or 2nd aethereal, or 5th density physical reality) 

3) Those referring to the how a society and civilization must or can function, beliefs about money, power, fame, and human rights.

3.1) The more advanced is a civilization the less the inequalities of technology, living standards and political power of humans in the same frequency physical reality. Nevertheless a civilization can exist inn 3 or 4 consecutive frequencies physical realities (aetherial)  not only in one (as we know it on earth).  The more advanced a civilization, the faster it evolves, and shifts from frequency to higher frequency. 

3.2) The current economic inequalities are  less   than 20% a reflection of the meritocracy of the having ones versus the non-having ones, and more than 80% a result of the law of activities "money attracts more money". In other words, economic inequalities, it is one of the basic properties of money and the "free-market"  game of private property.  Economic inequalities do apply automatically a deadly, negative , massive scale, destructive will, in the population, unless there is an effort to reduce and eliminate them. The human power is and should be only from humans to the physical reality, through the laws of nature. Not from human being to human being, or even from a human being to animals. The power is not a goal by itself. Power exists so it can serve the evolution of the human soul. Not the reverse.

3.3) Therefore a new basic human right is needed, that of minimum guaranteed standards of living (or minimum garanteed unconditional income) ,either if he/she works or not , and at all ages, which includes health, food, cloths, house, transportation.

3.4) Eventually a planetary civilization will not function by utilizing money and private property. But as long as it does in its early stages of evolution, the currency should be eventually issued only the  public state, and should circulate in the society mainly without debt. (In other words eventually without a banking system). In addition the right of the capital, to buy whole companies, and their human resources power, or the human working time, it is  a form of partial and indirect slavery, and it will be abandoned, as the civilization advances. Survival of the individual by making a living through selling his/her working-time, will have to be abandoned,  as the mode of social life of the individual, as the civilization becomes more evolved. But all changes follow not by direct external social forced revolutions, but only after sufficient evolution of the souls of the individuals and the collective, so that the responsibility of the common good is active in each one, and not manipulated by a minority of usurpers of it (Governments, political parties, money oligarchy,etc as e.g. in the ex Soviet Union or current societies)

3.5) As a civilization advances, it abandons the carnivorous habits and turns in to vegetarian habits. 

3.6) The social and personal success of a human being is more about realizing the intent of the soul and advancing the inner perception, and less about acquiring by itself, material possessions, or social power etc. Power is only from humans to the physical world, not from humans to humans. And power exists so it can serve the evolution of the soul, and human existence.

3.7) When a civilization is sufficiently advanced, all the communication between the individuals is through voiceless telepathic spiritual ability, of communicating 3-dimensional inner holographic pictures between each other, in a intuitive way.  Therefore our internet is a gross technological external early reflection of this future collective spiritual ability. This spiritual ability increases equality among people, and creates a non-hierarchical, in the political will, society.

4) These referring to the human existence, its evolution , values and abilities 

4.1) It is  true that in the very existence of any single human being, there is the ability of miracles. It is not only that the God, or God's invocation that could make miracles. But this ability of miracles , as creative power, of the human beings, in this planet and its civilizations, has being blocked by a collective system of beliefs, relevant to the history of the particular planet and current civilization.

4.2) The human beings as souls, are magnificent and glorious immortal existences and perceivers. Souls are incarnated and reincarnated in mortal physical (of various level frequencies) human bodies. Most earthly humans have been before incarnated, in the past, in other civilizations, of other solar systems, some more times repeatedly in this planet, and some in higher frequencies material realities of other solar systems. The more advanced a civilization is, the  happier and healthier are its members, and the higher the frequency of their physical bodies. The higher the frequency in their bodies, the more love and joy  is felt , expressed , practiced and experienced. Love is the action of entertained consciousnesses of unity or oneness.    The higher the frequency and the more the love, then the  more the human existence takes responsibility of its fate and way of existence , and also the more the freedom and the higher the creative powers. In addition the higher their physical  frequency, the longer the life of the human beings. 

4.3) Given that the current  civilization of Roida, is an emerging yet, of not very high degree of evolution, while the incarnated human existences may be, by far more experienced and advanced, it is the civilization's values and principles that must evolve and fit to the deeper values and principles of the immortal human existence, and not the opposite. But when the civilization will be sufficient advanced, then the  responsibility of the common good is active in each one, the needs of the many out-weight the needs of the few, and the common good is not manipulated by a minority of usurpers of it (either public Governments, political parties, or private money oligarchy,etc )

Day by day argument by argument, Ho has to forget his assumed correct knowledge about these  points and learn the facts closer to the truth as Allen was reporting them to  him. 
When Ho was returning back to his home on Roida, realized that he could not speak about his new revelations and truths, to other people in Roida, without putting himself in to a very difficult position. So he wrote a science fiction book, in which he incorporates his new scientific insights. Ho is getting married happily for the second time a nice woman called Virna and made two more kids with her.  In addition with his better than normal knowledge of economics of his planet, and his artistic talent too, he eventually gets rich and he is as close to happiness as an awakened human can be in a civilization like that of Roida's. The heroic life of Ho after his revelations, is an example of how spiritual awakening and personal development  can improve the fate of a human being even in a difficult with so complex diversification, civilization as the one of Roida. 

Ho states after his inner and outer adventures the 10 basic human freedoms



Every man has a right to be free from economic want of survival, from the birth until old age, regardless of working conditions. Every man is entitled equally to the cultural heritage of knowledge, of methods for health therapies, of goods services and technological achievements for survival (food, clothing, health care, education, house, transport, etc.). This of course means the basic survival allowance at all ages.

No economic oligarchy or those that “have” have any right to manipulate the majority and tose that “do not have” through the need of survival.


Not all people have good intentions for their fellowmen, and society, and thus there exist crime. Unfortunately economic inequalities create crimes. It must be tried through political and social institutions (taxes, benefits, etc.) not only reduced economic inequalities but create a system of essential and not only formal bureaucratic justice that protects every citizen or groups of citizens from injustice and crime. This includes the military defense against external enemy and criminal invasions.

3. FREEDOM OF THE HUMANS FROM THE VIOLENCE OF NATURE and those of the ways of natural life which are not in accordance with human soul consciousness and human spirit.

The cycle of blood and death, from animal to animal for food survival is something that for millennia man has tries to escape, and to shift from the jungle to a human society with mutual respect human rules, and laws with positive empathy, mercy, compassion, etc. This violence may still indirectly continue i in society, but to the extent that society is not a jungle, this means also that it is evolved. Man is looking iside him in order to find the way of mental, spiritual and cultural development and not necessarily in the ways of the visible biological life.


Culture and psychic and scientific knowledge normally , develops so that increasingly releases each person from death and disease. It can not be accepted anywhere a hidden oligarchic scientific, genetic manipulationof the masses , in the past, present or future, of the human civilization from hidden groups, to another human civilization or society, (e.g. artificial viruses, falsification of DNA, artificial diseases and biological weapons, etc.) so as to exercise control, servitude, biological degradation, and manipulation.

5. FREEDOM OF THE SEX, COUPLES LOVE AND PARENTAL LOVE FROM violence, indirect slavery, envy, malignancy, lies, deceit, hypocrisy, manipulation and ulterior motives.

Love is a paramount experience, and must be protected.

The man should be morally and emotionally free.


There is no more dangerous and insidious slavery of man by that from his manipulation by his emotions, desires and his weaknesses. .The emotional and moral world and how each person feels for himself, his actions and choices, that does not infringe the freedom of other people, it is perfectly within the individual's freedom of will, and not subject to control by others without mutual consent . Nor is it legitimate a direct or indirect moral emotional manipulation of the individual.


People should have the freedom of speech, oral and written, and the creative freedom of artistic expression, provided they do not violate the freedom of other people. This freedom is also directly correlated with cognitive and intellectual freedom.


No minority organization either with good or evil purposes has no right to hide from humanity, evidence from the human history, or of the history of life on earth, or observational results of natural phenomena, experimental results, or data related to the morphology of the planet internally or externally , or of other celestial bodies. Data on the knowledge of man, life, and physical reality, should not be hidden in order to retain the ignorance of the masses for easier manipulation and servitude, or for use of hidden knowledge at the expense of the many. Prohibiting research and knowledge, with different excuses is unacceptable. But also this knowledge and technology must not to be use against humans, or the life on the planet itself that humanity resides.


Societies have the inalienable right to social democratic political self-governance. It is known that the most perfect form of democracy is direct democracy, which in today's society of information and the internet, is easily feasible.

Forms of hidden oligarchies, whether of financial, or of technological nature, or other form of power that consider humanity being of two speeds, is incompatible with this principle. Humanity should not be a 2-speed civilization ie a split in to a) to the masses who have to stay in ignorance, underdevelopment, and defective, without true freedom but a fraudulently imposed illusion of freedom, and b) in a tiny minority with abundance of issued money and high hidden technology, which is not a product of discoveries of the mankind, and that this minority secretly seeks to despise, dominate, manipulate and oppress as a parasite a "sinful" majority. Cultures with such polarization, it seems to have a low rate of evolution and are usually doomed to periodic partial or total self-destruction.


Man should be free from spiritual and metaphysical systematic control and alienation and must seek the moral and spiritual truth and development within him and the humanity that he lives.

We need to seek the creation of ourselves, as perception and experience, inside us and inside the human society we are living.
Not everything from the teaches of the different religions are lies or worthless, but it should be understood that religions are not the monopoly of any source of morality and virtue, and every metaphysical superiority.
Nor should religions become the vehicle, of oligarchic, moral and spiritual manipulation of the masses (violating religious freedom principles and freedom of the will, etc.) or indirect influence for such respective finally manipulation of the masses by social, non-religious hidden or not, authority minorities, and oligarchies.


The life of Ho before the lift-up of Roida is evolving from his ex-wife Tirra  to his new wife Lucia. Tirra, was considered in the standards of Roida's societies a realistic and well grounded woman, that she only wanted a good life with Ho, with sufficient stable income, social climbing, recognition, no troubles with the authorities, and some children. When Ho started to have issues and controversies after he published his revealing material for consciousness unveiling, Tirra divorced him, and persuaded the 3 children, that their father was kind of insane man. Lucia, was a nice sensitive and beautiful woman with progressive attitudes and perceptions, who lived in an ecological community and loved the perceptions that Ho expressed.. 


14.1) The new companion satellite of Roida: The living Athe

After the war victory of the Human Alliance over the Draconian Alliance in the solar system of Roida, the Human Alliance moves away the dead planet and Trojan Horse Mem from orbit around Roida, back to an orbit around planet Zef,  while it brings in orbit around Roida, a smaller planet, satellite of Zef, called Athe, which nevertheless is alive with a shining inner sun, and covered entirely with an ocean (of drinkable water) full of living creatures fishes, dolphins etc.
It took 10 years to accomplished it slowly without any floods on Roida from inertial forces due to orbit changes. But the result was worth the effort, and now in the sky of Roida, was a beautiful blue celestial body, Athe,  with ever changing cloud formations.

14.2) Solving the 5 major survival problems of the civilization of Roida

This was obviously revealing for all the population of Roida, which in this way become aware of other galactic civilizations, learned about the true origins of Homo-Sapiens, and learned about the Draconians, the hostile siege, and the war in their solar system. As the Draconian Alliance had inherited with its manipulations a self-destructive path to the human civilization of Roida, many changes had to be made, to restore the sustainability of the civilization, and planetary life.

The Andromeda Alliance made sure that the majority of the population , started to understand what was going on with the highly unfair and massively destructive through the debt crises and inequalities,  monetary system, and the syndicate that was controlling and benefiting from this. Also helped the public to understand why the representative democracy was  overruled by the syndicate of the monetary system, and how this could be corrected with direct electronic democracy.
In addition the Andromeda Alliance exposed to the public the secrete high technology that a group of the Draconian Alliance from Sirius B, had given to some super powers, in a plan of Divide and Conquer, and so as to create a two speed humanity on Roida, that of the few that was directly controlled by the Draconian Alliance and the unsuspected majority of the public. 
With the intervention of the Draconian Alliance, the suppression of the inventors of the clean renewable energy and free energy stopped, and soon the energy model of the planet was not that of oil or natural gas, neither of nuclear power but of an indirect solar clean renewable energy. The CO2 problem and oxygen asphyxiation was solved just in time.
Also the Andromeda Alliance helped the public understand the spiritual origin of biological life, and many other false beliefs of the scientific educational system of Roida. This led to a lift-up of the ego of the individual from having to acting and feeling-thinking , which helped drastically to stopping the planetary ecological destruction. The critical point was stopping the destruction of  the forests, and a systematic restoring of forests in many places of the planet took place. 

All these happened and coincided with  a stopping of the population increase , to a stable maximum of 8-10 billions on the planet of Roida. Because of this big figure and the new educational system, large numbers of the population chose a plants-based (vegan) nutrition rather than an omnivorous or meat-eating nutrition system. They realized that if indirect slavery was reducing in the humanity, it would be unfair for humanity to apply slavery to animals, for a omnivorous and meat eating nutrition model. It was also a significantly better planetary energy economy. 

All forest of the planet are protected, and efforts are made to plant more and more forests. 

All the sciences of Roida took a powerful new momentum of faster evolution. The Andromeda alliance with its advanced genetic science, experimentally activated in a small number of  individuals the full 12-strand DNA, and thus in theses individuals there is no "junk"-DNA in their cell. Thus a sequence of children in next generations were destined to have DNA with more stands than two, and thus easier interplay of spirit and material body. Also  Ho was awarded with the planetary prize of literature for his science fiction novel that somehow predicted many of the new scientific discoveries. 

14.3) The new neighbors of Roida  in the new planet Fi, at the old orbit of Ar. The solar system of Roida as double star solar system.

Some decades later after he Lift-up of Roida , the Andromeda alliance through their science of solar system engineering,  brought in the solar system of Roida, a new lonely Oxygen breathing mammal-human inhabited planet called Fi , that had already made Lift-up on them, and which was  rotating around a brown-dwarf star called Bo. They brought both the planet Fi  together with its little brown-dwarf sun Bo. They put the brown-dwarf Bo in orbit around the sun Som, inside the orbit of planet Er, while Fi,  took the orbit of the dead planet Ar . Ar is moved now  to become a satellite of the planet Ra, at an orbit that  Fro  had originally,  in the remote past! Also the planet Er, was a satellite of the planet Ro! Both Ar, and Er were moved in their current orbits in the solar system of Roida, by ancient advanced civilizations of the galaxy, a fact which the science of Roida was not aware of. 

 Now the solar system of Roida, is of a double star,  in the 1st micro-resolution reality, And both Athe (the new satellite of Roida) and the next planet Fi are live with shining inner sun. 

Furthermore through their science of solar engineering the Andromeda Alliance  manages to give to the  sun SOM a slight bluish color (in the 1st micro-resolution reality) , making thus the sunny life on Roida of slightly higher energy and color  frequency. The inhabitants of Fi are friendly and kind people , mainly vegetarians, that were very happy not to be alone anymore in their rotation in the galaxy.  They had much less problems in their civilization compared to that of Roida, because they had not been the target of manipulation by the Draconian Alliance. The population of Fi is  only of 500 million   people , and their level of evolution is approximately that of the evolution of Roida's civilization. They look quite the same as the inhabitants of Roida, and have natural decorative patterns on their skin. The Andromedan Alliance guaranteed to the inhabitants of Fi, that in any case they would protect them, from any aggressive, tyrannic or manipulative occupation from the inhabitants of Roida. 


In the next it is described in the novel the gradual evolution of the civilization of Roida. 


We may have to remind to  ourselves, here the basic operating principles of the  societies of Roida at that time that is supposed it should function.


"The reality of the experience of life, is based on a system of spiritual and perhaps subconscious (implicit) or  explicit beliefs. Changing these beliefs will result in changing our reality and changing our fate. "

    This principle is crucial, as it determines that the society is to function without violating civil liberties. The seven basic personal freedoms are
1.1) The spiritual freedom (freedom of religion)
1.2) H freedom of political decision (Democracy, or rather direct-democracy)
1.3) The   freedom of he creative-expressions (freedom of speech)
1.4) The moral freedom (freedom from fear)
1.5) Economic freedom (freedom from  want)
1.6) The physical freedom (actions, activities).
1.7) The freedom of private property (having).

          Because of 7th individual freedom of private property, it is necessary the use of some form of money (not necessarily banking money). It is the nature of money and of the free market to create economic inequalities. If there was no private property, then we would not need to use some form of money and the economic and living standards inequalities  would not be inevitable. Only political power , especially direct democracy can  tame and reduce economic inequalities. Not the oligarchic economic power itself. Inequalities in society (economic, authoritarian, other social power etc.) is a source of misery, unhappiness, crime, lack of trust, mental illness, etc. The current social  inequalities are not identical with the actual psychic  meritocracy. A society with many inequalities has slower evolution  and is a less advanced civilization, compared to  a society with fewer inequalities. E.g. the killing capacity inequalities for survival in the jungle is a system of most slow collective evolution. From this principle it follows, that a monarchical or oligarchic society evolves more slowly than a democratic society. And   at least for this reason democracy  is preferred. Money and the economic power, can not unite people and bring prosperity, because it is in the nature of money to create  inequalities. The political power, particularly of direct democracy can tame and control  the economic inequalities with laws and institutions and bring more justice. The principle of equality applies also on to that all citizens are equal as far as the laws are concerned.

         This principle suggests that the primary treatment of each of our fellow man is positive and not negative. The morality of  mercy, compassion, and positive empathy is a key element, creating equality and the ability to combine up individual talents into a collective civilization of the society, so that  conversely each person can benefit at maximum from the society.


           The power is not only the political power i.e. the legislative and the executive, but there are very significant other powers, such as economic (private sector), military, religious, and the authorities of the function of the state (public authorities, and services, justice, police, etc. ). To these we can add the more impersonal, like th power of science and technology.
 Furthermore we may distinguish the powers to
1) From people to people
 2) From people in inorganic physical reality.
Based on the principle of equality, the second type of power is ore appropriate and ideal for the humans compared with first type.
The powers have priorities and reversing these priorities can and has became a source of misery , unhappiness and crimes. E.g. The economic power (the private sector) should not take precedence and override the political power, or the political power to succumb and bend to the oligarchic economic power. Political power has the top priority among all. Money and the economic power, can not unite people and bring prosperity, because it is in the nature of money to create inequalities. The political power, particularly that of the direct democracy can tame and control  the economic inequalities with laws and institutions and bring more justice.
BUT every form of power, and the political also,  exists so as to serve  the human  (immortal) soul and its evolution. Power is not an end in itself.

       5) THE PRINCIPLE OF CONSISTENCY (Justice, education etc.)
           Society would be neither serious nor viable, if it did not practice  the principle of consistency. This means does not mean only that law should be enforced with  justice. E.g. in education, the principle of consistency means that, all the knowledge that is essential and crucial  for the survival of the civilization, must pass across the totality of the new generation. Not only the basic and elementary knowledge while the rest and more advanced to  a minority only. This maximizes survivability and the successful continuation of the civilization.

    According to this principle, every individual has not only rights in society but also obligations. The basic obligation of each person which is also a virtue, is the participation in society and its functions. The person should tend to be social. Each individual is offering to the society according to his abilities, and is receiving from the society according to his needs. On the other hand, this principle, pushes the society to participate in wider sets of other societies, based always on the respect of the above principles.


According to this principle, the small organizations (municipalities, local government, enterprises, universities, etc.) should tend to operate, in decision making, as the political democratic decision-making in the large scale public sector, and not vice versa.
The large scale, undertakes to decide only what the small scale is not in a position  to decide (subsidiarity). The larger the size of a society, the greater the opportunities, of a common person, to benefit  during the mortal life  from the society more than  what  he himself is able to offer to the society.

15.1) The way of faster evolution.

The evolution of a civilization is based on the evolution of incarnated souls of the individuals of the civilization. But there is a trick that may make a civilization evolve faster, than the souls. The trick is to establish social institutions, rules , moral standards and laws, a bit more advanced than the current state of evolution of he souls. This attracts more advanced souls for incarnation, than the previous ones that are incarnated, and has the result of faster evolution. But there is a catch in this trick. Since the more advanced social institutions, rules , moral standards and laws are more vulnerable than the less advanced, if they are more advanced than it should, the results is worse, and a draw-back occurs as a minority of less evolved incarnated souls usurp and monopolize power in the society. This had already happened at the start of the Lift-up , with the "communistic dictatorship" in two of the 3 big nations of Roida. 

15.2) The major milestones of subsequent  evolution

To put the evolution in  a concise table of 4-milestones for the individual and 4 complementary milestones for the civilization from 0 A.L(=After Lift-up)  to 2000 A.L. here is the correspondence 

4-Milestones in the  Individual

1) Higher quality of metaphysical and inner existential consciousness 
(has as a result higher frequency of the 1st mRR (=micro-resolution reality) human body)
2.1) Vegetarian nutrition. The DNA is activated again manly though the more advanced genetic science of Roida  from 2-strand DNA, to 12-Strand DNA. 
2.1) Opening of the Aether vision
3) Intellectually oriented individuals
4) Full telepathic communication with a intuitive visual inner 3-dimensional holographic pictures language 

Complementary 4-milestones in the  Civilization

1.1) Communication and Participation in the Human Andromedan Galactic Alliance
1.2) Re-normalization of economy/private sector/ and public governance. Direct democracy is established.
2.1) Scientific knowledge of the 2nd frequency mRR (micro-resolution reality or 1st aether)
2.2) Elimination of the private property and money.
3) A society with positive empathy and compassion
4) New form of collective Holographic (direct democratic) political will, within direct democracy. 

The above 4-steps correspond also to the four levels, that the soul is attracted and attending and therefore  receives impressions. The more advanced and evolved the soul the more it moves its attention to the next level of self.

These changes follow from the gradual lifting of the attention of the human soul that focus and receives impressions mainly  from one only of each of the next levels of human self, and lifts to the next level.

1) Material objects (Having)
2) Actions (Acting)
3) Feelings and Thoughts (Feeling-Thinking)
4) Spiritual beliefs. (Being (aware), Intending, Believing)

During the century that Ho lived on Roida, the main mega-trends of changes were the next 










15.3) The re-normalization or de-reptilinization or re-humanization of the economic and political system.

These milestones did not happened abruptly, but with a long sequence of gradual smaller or larger changes. Here are some of the early steps. 

Because the economic system of Roida was the result of secrete masonic manipulation from the draconian Alliance, it required a re-normalization or de-reptilianization, so as to be friendly to the human soul. 

15.3.1) The Monetary system  re-humanization 

At first the monetary system is corrected. Both Top-down and botton-up. Top-Down: At fist a restart was done where all debt from the central banks towards other banks and public sector were eliminted.  In their turn all banks eliminated equal size debts to other parties. Furthermore now only the Ministries of Economics, have the privilege to issue money, and the commitment not to circulate more than 20% of this money in the society through debts. The public sector chose to circulate this money by subsides, salaries , public investments and becoming partner to many private enterprises. Bottom-up: At the same time many alternative electronic currencies appeared, functioning more or less with egalitarian and direct democracy methods. Correlated to this, was also the establishemnt , of a granted minimum initial property-wealth to every person when its born, as the minimum inheritance of the civilization to the person. Also the establishment of the minimum guaranteed subsidy of survival for every person from birth to very old age, either if he/she is working or not. This prevents financial slavery. 

15.3.2) Stock Exchanges re-humanization.
The rest of the economic system is also corrected, and re-normalized in the next 3 centuries. Stock-exchanges still exist at the beginning  , but with low risk and volatility , as an evolution of the crowd-funding  through the internet . They  involve all enterprises at will, not only the big ones, but the securities are bought and sold at the same always fixed (accounting) price and any possible gain is only by the real business profits of the enterprise . In other words demand-and-supply is not allowed to change the price of the security. Initially the older Stock-exchanges remained, but soon they were overcome by the overwhelming emergence of the new smaller companies in the internet that also served as the medium for the new lower risk stock-exchanges. 

It became clear than not all freedom of free markets  in economics is good freedom.  In the same way that criminal activity is not part of the freedom of a society. It is mainly a freedom good for the very big players. So free-markets is the advantage of the big-money not the many people. Some times a road that has the habit of too many cars stopping there and obstructing the traffic is cured by narrowing the road to only-one-car wide. As a miracle no car stopping obstructs the traffic anymore. Thus new laws that apparently reduce the freedom of free markets of economy resulted in a re-normalization to a less risky and less volatile economy, closer to the needs of the human soul. 

15.3.3) Private property and enterprises re-humanization.

Private property is divided in to direct (house, cars, devices etc) and in indirect or surplus, as ownership of enterprises assets. The direct private property has a reasonable  upper limit for all citizens, and of course alower limit. The indirect too cannot become larger than a percentage of the size of the public sector for obvious reasons (so that the no private group has larger finacial power and thus social power than the public in total). 
In any nation there are not allowed national enterprises larger than the public sector itself.  And all the enterprises in totall are also of smaller accumulated assets, that the assets of the public sector. As an enterprises becomes larger than a size, then automatically this part of the assets is owned by the public sector. 

As already by the time of the lift-up human slavery was not allowed, so also after 1 century the  human work is not allowed  to be sold or bought as this wold be form of indirect slavery. Each worker is always owner of the  business he is working.  In this way the psychological alienation of the human work  is eliminated. The co-oweners of an enterprise, have percentages of ownership, with upper bounded stanrad deviation so, that no one is the capital boss of the others. External co-owners are allowed in total only up to 20% of the equities, and the liabilities are alway less than 30%. 

But The indirect private property, as external owneship of enterprises that the owner does not work in them too, gradually after 2 centuries is de-activated too. Now it is not allow to a person to own through money, other enterprises, than the one that is working. So ownership of other enterprises assets through money is not allowed anymore. Now you can own only tangible objects, not the human work of others or , the assets of another enterprise of people. In this way,  social power over other people by possession (private property) , through money  is not allowed anymore, as it is conceived as form of indirect possession of human beings and their activities   through money, therefore still an indirect form of slavery. 

The pharmaceutical companies become non-profit enterprises. Furthermore, medicine is utilizing less and less pharmaceuticals and more and more energy methods through ultrasound, colors and light. 

As decades and centuries pass, even the above rules change to more evolved and more egalitarian with less inequalities till a final abandoning of the utilization of money at all, after the abandoning of the private property.   

15.3.4) Politics and Inequalities control re-humanization
The public sector becomes not only a representative democracy but also a direct democracy. Furthermore the economic inequalities are measured with appropriate indices (e.g. Gini index) , and  maximum value of inequaluties is accepted. When society of free markets reaches higher values of inequalities, special laws and governmental actions are taken to bring it back to lower values. 

 15.4) The science of Roida discovers the next frequency physical reality. 

The science of Roida discovers the existence of the 2nd micro-resolution reality (1st aether) and corrects and enhances the equations of electromagnetism and gravitation to unified system of equations of the gaseous aether. Oil is no longer used as energy, but it is substituted by solar energy by the infrared solar radiation stored in the gravitational field, or simply heat of the 4th micro-resolution reality (2nd frequency material reality or 1st aetherial reality ) . It is extracted with the corrected equations electromagnetic field.  Soon the civilization of Roida discovers the aether-helicopters or flying discs and now it can travel to the other solar systems around its solar system of SOM. 

Overpopulation is finally controlled, people learn to avoid meat in their nutrition model, and finally the ecological destruction of the planet stops. These are developments from 0 B.L to 400 A.L (=after Lift-up). The aether vision with naked eyes opens for most of the humans on Roida, and they become in a natural way telepathic. But the telepathy before 500 A.L. is simply an inner version of the outer  speaking sound-base languages. The private property is finally abandoned only about 1200 A.L. 

The city of Kalipolis , of the inner Roida, finally unites with the civilization of the outer Roida. 

15.5) The universal voiceless intuitive-telepathic language of Roida through sequences of holographic 3-dimensional spiritual images. 

And by 2000 A.L. the civilization has already acquired a planetary intuitive visual voiceless telepathic language and very high frequency in the 1st micro-resolution reality human bodies. 


The Draconians, as we mentioned had a long story with the planet Roida, for millions of years. Their experiment and project to create an oxygen biosphere with only mammal looking but reptile animals (the era of Dinosaurs) , was abruptly stopped by the other advanced mammal civilizations about 70 millions year ago. And as we mentioned the Draconians were very angry at that time. So in spite of the facts that now another mammal civilization was inhabiting the planet Roida, secretly some of  the hard-headed Draconians subconsciously had ideas that this planet of Roida is still, or should be a planet belonging to them. So they had in their back of their mind , that one day that the civilization of Roida, would be in its glorious peak , powerful and influential all over the galaxy, and unsuspected of any further threats from the reptilian Civilizations, that would suddenly appear , attach and destroy the civilization of Roida. One serious obstacle, of course, to these plans was that now the Civilization of Roida was part of the Great alliance of Andromeda , that is more than 300 very powerful civilizations. The Draconians had decided long ago , not to confront directly such great alliances, as they could not afford heavy war casualties because of  their small and decreasing numbers. That is why they were always putting other civilizations, for example the smaller reptilians of Orion, to fight their wars. But for the planet Roida, would like to have this joy of destroying it, revenging again and again thus, this 70 millions years ago , destruction of their experiment (the era of Dinosaurs) on Roida. Their hope was to find in an unsuspecting time the Civilization of Roida and destroying it by surprise, before the army of the Andromeda alliance would find time to come. And so they were waiting and waiting four thousands of years. But the developments that we describe below, in this paragraph completely annihilated their expectations. As this was understood also by the existences that had stopped the ugly experiments with tyrannosaurus on Roida , they stepped down from their high frequencies realities and they were again incarnated in Roida together with many other advanced existences , giving a strong boost to its frequency and leading it to the 2nd frequency reality or 1st aether or 4th density reality.  One day Roida did not existed anymore in the visible physical reality and had shifted to the 1st aethereal physical reality. To their technology and reality, Roida was not easily accessible anymore, and also it was not at all the planetary biosphere they new. So they lost their special interest in Roida for ever. But let us talk now about this strange developments on Roida. 

16.1) Planetary scale  initiation or migration or jump to the next frequency physical reality.

 The finale of the novel  is the metamorphosis in 2,000 A.L. of Roida, from a 1st frequency micro-resolution reality (or 3rd density reality) to a 2nd frequency micro-resolution reality (1st aetherial reality, or 5th density reality) living planetary biosphere This event is instantaneous and of cosmic evolution origin (something to happen in all galaxies too) , once the frequency of the planet in 1st micro-resolution reality becomes high enough. 
The jump was almost simultaneous for the planet of Roida,  and for the planet Fi, as both had after many centuries the same type and level of evolution civilization. 

16.2) Anything living migrates, any technological artifact no!

All plants and animals and humans are metamorphosed to 4th or 5th density micro-resolution reality bodies, translucent and of 80% less weight. But the artifacts and technological objects of the old 3rd density micro-resolution reality simply became like crystalline salt, non-functioning anymore. So it is a scientific and technological  restart too. The reason is that biological life was already initially created in higher frequencies realities, it has a spiritual archetype of material living functional  organization, more or less independent from the frequency of the material reality. While technological artifacts by humans do not. That is why other friendly galactic civilizations that already live in the 4th density micro-resolution reality were around Roida at the critical time of transition to offer their help and a basic survival technology and knowledge of the new periodic system of atoms of the 4th density micro-resolution reality (1st aether or 2nd frequency reality). 

The humans of Roida  that shifted to the 4th density micro-resolution reality remained on Roida (as Roida has now a new tonal frequency, that of 4th density micro-resolution reality) while the humans of Roida that shifted to the 5th micro-resolution reality, were transported to the 5th micro-resolution reality satellite of Zef, called Ju  that already had a civilization of humans in the 5th micro-resolution reality. 

The humans in 5th micro-resolution reality on Ju do not have to eat by killing other living creatures as they take all the energy they need from the sun. 

16.3) The long human life in the 2nd frequency micro-resolution reality full of miracles, but science too! 

In their new bodies of 4th density micro-resolution reality humans on Roida live now in the average between 6,000 to 10,000 years (as measured in the old 3rd micro-resolution reality). The main quality of the humans now on Roida are human relations, compassion and impression of human presence to the other human beings. Humans in the 2nd frequency micro-resolution (4th density reality) reality have natural miracle-like abilities especially in small changes of  shape and appearance of their physical body, and its abilities. 

16.4) The 4- frequencies (realities)  civilization of Roida.

During the next 98000 years that is till 100,000 years A.L. the civilization in Roida has deployed in to 2nd, 3rd , 4th and 5th frequencies micro-resolution reality (or from 4th till 7th density reality) . The humans of each higher frequency move to other such frequencies planets of the solar system. 

16.5) The cosmic decision of consciousnesses abandoning the 1st frequency micro-resolution reality

Eventually in all galaxies all life with consciousness  shifts from the 1st frequency micro-resolution reality to the 2nd or higher frequency micro-resolution reality, as it is a cosmic decision of the cosmic higher frequency creators of life, that the old 1st frequency micro-resolution reality will remain as reality, but will not serve anymore as place where consciousness is evolving.  

The pray-predator relations of living creatures in the 1st micro-resolution reality (your death my need for life in 1st frequency micro-resolution reality) is not considered anymore by the high creators of life as appropriate  realm of experience for evolving consciousness. The last few evolving soul consciousnesses that still need to experience it, will shift evolving to the 2nd frequency micro-resolution reality (1st aether) , where this still happens, but with mild and less wild way, while all the rest of the soul consciousnesses will shift to the 3rd frequency micro-resolution reality where from there and higher no prey-predator relations occur anymore. 


Natural name
Other  name (in the web of Roida) 
Usual name in the web of Roida
Other names in books of Roida
2nd frequency macro-resolution reality
1st density physical reality
1st dimension  reality
Many-worlds reality
1st frequency macro-resolution reality
2nd density physical reality
2nd dimension  reality
1st frequency micro-resolution reality
3rd density physical reality
3rd dimension physical reality
Material reality
2nd  frequency micro-resolution reality
4th density physical reality
4th dimension  reality
1st Aetherial reality
3nd  frequency micro-resolution reality
5th density physical reality
5th dimension  reality
2nd Aetherial reality
4th  frequency micro-resolution reality
6th density physical reality
6th dimension  reality
3rd Aetherial reality
5th  frequency micro-resolution reality
7th density physical reality
7th dimension  reality
4th Aetherial reality
6th  frequency micro-resolution reality
8th density physical reality
8th dimension  reality
5th Aetherial reality
7th  frequency micro-resolution reality
9th density physical reality
9th dimension  reality
6th Aetherial reality
8th  frequency micro-resolution reality
10th density physical reality
10th dimension  reality
7th Aetherial reality
9th  frequency micro-resolution reality
11th density physical reality
11th dimension  reality
8th Aetherial reality
10th  frequency micro-resolution reality
12th density physical reality
12th dimension  reality
The new-born reality during the 10 B.L. of Roida

A cycle of 16 spiritual poems  

(By Costas Kyritsis 2015)

The roots of matter

At the beginning there was sound
and the sound came from the black stars

At the beginning there was sound
and the sound was towards the worlds

At the begging there was sound
and the sound was not
of the visible matter

At the begging there was sound
and the sound created the atoms
of the visible matter

At the beginning
there was the sound of my song
for not all that matters is matter.

Your medicine will be the sound  

You take your bitter pill

hoping to get better
now knowing
that you also
get worse

You take your bitter pill

from the poison of the dragon
a present from the snake's eyes

But your cure, one day

will be smooth and sweet
like the melody of a song
like the scent of a flower
like the colors of the rainbow

Your medicine will be the sound

your medicine will be the color
the sound and the color
that your own cells hide
in the depths of your aether.

The right to decide our own fate 

My dear friend

you were not born
to be a slave of money
not to  be able  to decide your fate
to let others betray your trust.

My dear friend

you were not born
to be a slave
of an ultra  rich oligarchy
to be a slave of survival
to be  a slave of a fake reality

My dear friend

you were born
to decide your own fate
and each one decide
the fate of all

My dear friend

you were born
to blossom your free will in peace and solidarity
to blossom your happiness in equality.

The invisible worlds 

We look at what we think as
our common country
that we call reality
some with horror
sometimes with bliss

But what we see

is not all matter that is
some of us already existed
in the homelands of invisible realities
in aether planets and forests unseen
with aether flowers of colors indescribable
in oceans of liquid light unseen
with skies of stars unrevealed.

It is were we come from

in our own sacred past
It is where we will return again
after we have witnessed the visible

My way was miracles 

(Recuersdos de  La  Zues)

From the planet that  I come
there are colors unknown  to you
that we see as the sunlight surfs
on aether oceans of liquid light.
From the planet  that I come

From the reality that I come
an aethereal  bright planet
our way is of miracles
miracles easy  as  your words.

From the planet that  I come
the spirit is powerful on matter
a  matter lite  transparent  

which we change as our mood 

The 3 kinds of  slavery that I met 

From my travelling in this planet

thousands of years of human adventures
I tell you I met 3 kinds of slavery
hunting the men and women.

The first was 

of the bloody weapon
of the wary tyrant
who rules
by fear and death.

But the second is subtle

a slavery impersonal
that blinds the perception
and they call it Money.
 It seem random and like neutral
but make no mistake
it is carefully designed 
by a ruthless oligarchy
that deeply down
hates the human existence

And the last kind of slavery

is miraculous and sweet
many still find in it
consolation  and power
But it is still an adultery
to the spiritual evolution of the majority
and it is exercised
mainly through religions.

The language of silence 

When all the words

will have been said
so many times
that will be enslaving chains

And all their  phrases

will have been understood
for millions of times

And people will

feel tired to speak anymore
Then a silence will come
that was waiting for eons
and the spirit will awaken
in the human minds

It will start speaking
with the speed of light
with changing imagery
different in  each mind
shared from mind to mind
millions of join  living  3D  movies
in silence and ecstasy
that covers all the planet
as a new reality
that reveals and opens
the new understanding
of everything , by everyone

The invisible Gods of Jupiter 

Two aethers higher

of our visible reality
Two frequencies higher
of our visible reality
there are planets unseen
and the stars have different colors

Two aethers higher

of our visible reality
The planet Jupiter
 is a small bluish sun
and there are planets unseen

Two aethers higher

of our visible reality
there is a civilization of Gods
on an invisible satellite of Jupiter

They look like humans

in semitransparent , lite bodies
and together with their animals and trees
they have as their only food
their  bluish sun's light.

They love each other

even without touching
and they do their miracles
as easy as we speak.

Two aethers higher

of our visible reality
 a human civilization spins around Jupiter
you may call them Gods
but they are simply
as our deeper selves, 
materialized in aether.

Ageless Existence 

My dear friend

celebrate honorably  the glory
of our deeper existence

My dear friend

celebrate with sensitivity  your mortal body
that our deeper existence wears

My dear friend

celebrate respectfully  the presence
of our divine existence

My dear friend

celebrate with joy  the ageless wisdom
of our deeper existence

My dear friend
celebrate with revelation  the consiousness 
of our higher frequency reality  existence

The earth of Julius Vern 

I have seen the earth

said Julius
and it is by far
more beautiful
that you may think.

It is not a hell 

of magma and fire
It is hollow
with oxygen inside
forests and animals
oceans and clouds

 I have seen its 

bright bluish
central sun
where there is no
day and night
winter and summer

I have seen the miracle

of gravitation reversals
and the liveliness
of the taller animals

I have seen the peace

of the inner cities
the hidden continents
behind the blue sky
and felt the feeling
of being in a vast temple

The speaking dolphin 

My friend said the dolphin 

look at the beauty 
of the water space
with the golden light
at its top

I have traveled

from continent to continent
But the humans do not
understands us
They hunt and they prison us.

I have saved many

drowning men 
and I have carried them
to the sea-shore

I talk to the wales

and you do not 
understand them too
The sea knows our songs
with the story of our races

Man oh man!

I do not have hands
I do not have legs
But I think and I whistle
in our trinary language 
I think and I whistle
the poems that I compose
for my friends

Man Oh man!

Please learn 
to speak with us
for we are 
the most sentient 
of the animals


For thousands of years

we live on this planet
in inequalities
poor and rich
superior and inferior
haves and non-haves

But I know

our future is equality
The great day 
that we will not 
use any more
money on earth
it will be 
the great celebration
of equality.

You may say I am a dreamer

but we are not alone
for many cousin civilizations
in the shining galaxies
enjoy their happy planets
without the use of money

Born in our ignorant

mortal bodies
we all deserve 
the precious equality

What we need to save

is not money
but our join consciousness
within equality
for this is
what leads us fast
to evolved happiness.

The Trojan horse called Moon 

We are looking at it

for 10 thousand years
we have fallen in love
under its silver light
we have sung it
in our poems

Too big to be

the earth's daughter
too dead to be
the earth's sister
Hollow, it is spinning
with perfect solar period
and it shows 
always on purpose
half of its face.

In Arcadia in Greece

there are still people
that they are called
pre-moon humans
for in their scripts of tradition
still remember
the ancient times
with no moon 
spinning in the sky.

Where Moon comes from?

They say it was
a companion
of the broken Phaethon planet 

My friend have faith 

 to our beautiful ancestors
that well they know the Moon
 as the Draconian  Trojan horse
but  are bravely determined 
to prevent us from  enslaving

The drinkable Oceans 

I cry

for the lost abundance
in the planet
of the drinkable water oceans

I  remember the Atlantis times

when still all the animals
where drinking from the sea.
and every little island
was a living paradise.

Black is the day

That the Anunnaki
visitors from Sirius B
of the ancient Sumerians
gave the scar to the planet earth
with white salt

All over the galaxies

still all the animals
of the oxygen living planets
still drink water
from the oceans.

Gulliver's  gift 

When Gulliver returned
from his travels in the stars
among his stories
one I loved most
as it touched 
the scar of my living

He said he went

to the evolved 
cousin civilizations
and nowhere among them
did he found one
to utilize money
or sell their time and work
for money and survival

For if they did
it would be a pity
and a slavery
of the human soul
It would be a pity
as pity is selling
ancient human slaves
It would be a pity
as pity is  selling
the body for sex. 

But they were working

for their free-will and joy
with respect for their time

My dear friend 

when shall we be
soul-sensitive enough
so as not to accept the  slavery
of the paid-work for survival?

My dear friend 

when shall we be free
to spend our time on earth
with joy and peace
only where our soul wants?

Who made the Dinos? 

Oh Oh Ahii Ahii 

Oh Oh Ahii Ahii 
The pain of earth is old
and the scars seem gone

Earth is dancing

around a rarely bright sun
and she was dressed
long time ago
by the old gardeners
with most beautiful life
with sweet water oceans 
and cool sunny forests
full of beautiful mammals
and silver rivers

But her beauty was envied

by the dying dragons
who teared apart
all her beautiful life
and forced her to dress 
the ugly artificial reptiles

The dying dragons

the artificial dragons
wanted to invent
their fake past evolution.

Till one day came

that the sons 
of the old gardeners
came back and burned the dinosaurs
beating badly the dying dragons
at the cost of their people 

So they put back 

the dress of the loving mammals
and the good looking humans

This is the story my friend

so that earth today
with a good life again
may stand among the brides
of the true and beautiful consciousness


I   feel   the silent mood of life
As the seasons go by
The cold feet of the birds
In the autumn as winter comes.
I feel the death of the autumn leaves
The fear of the small animals
If they will survive the winter

I feel the humanity’s mood
The desperation of the poor
The fear  of the war refugees
The asphyxiation of the slaves of money.

And  I feel also the warmth of the summer
In the juices of the trees
In the blood of lizards
On the skin of the birds
I feel the  forgetfulness of the people
swimming in the warm summer sea
I feel the roughness of the storms
And the wetness of the clouds.

But I find the rhythms of nature more serious
Than the rhythms of the money schedules.
So  the feelings from my own self
Are so small compared to the feelings of
Nature and humanity.
That are my living-by
And still the one that feels is not all of my self
The feelings being a proof of being alive
In the visible reality
But a not a proof that nothing else exists
So I stand on the awareness of the feelings
and I let them  flow like wind
And I stand  on the knowledge 
that life, initially sacred was created
Without all its present pray-predator pain
 in frequencies of  realms undreamed
And for the sake of this initial life
I  always discover  the divine joy in it
before it was fallen 
as life in the visible reality
A joy that appears often unnoticed
By the seekers of power of the visible  world
hidden in  nothingness  
and as common as
The game of light on waters.
And the sweet hag of the sea breeze
After a  fiery  sunny day.

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